Monday, April 1, 2013

One Less UFO (for now)

I've had a bit more quilting time recently.  I pulled this one out of the UFO pile last Tuesday, basted it, and had it quilted by the days end.  The rest of the week was spent out with the hubby and binding it in the evenings while he played his latest video game.

This quilt came together out of my need to use up some of the novelty scraps that I had been collecting.  I love picking up the scrap bags from shops.  Oh, and the shops that have the "stuff all you can in the baggie for $$"...I'm a pro at that;)  Fun stuff;)   I also used scraps from quilts I have made for other people, some of them from years ago.  Figured I am a quilter, not a fabric collector...time to put this stuff to its inteded use;)
I didn't spend too much time on placement, but then again, maybe yes.  Nothing really goes together in the traditional sense of things, but I forced them together.  Got bored with a few of the blocks and turned them into other blocks besides nine patches.  I'm happy with it.
I have a habit of picking up novelty prints, and then fretting over how to use them without cutting them into little, unrecognizable pieces.  When all else fails, use them on the back;)
Like I said, I like it;)
Spring is here in this great place called Oregon.  I am collecting up all my canning jars and taking inventory.  I'm checking the journals and blogs to get a time frame as to when all the berry stuff starts and keeping tabs on the local farm internet sites.  So YUM!!
The hubby and I have been getting out here and there now that I rearranged my schedule to jive with his.  My son moved back in with his father for the time being.  Seems the two of them felt it was time to work on mending their relationship. It seems to be going well.  My daughter got divorced.  Seems her husband didn't want to play house anymore.  It hit her like a brick wall, but she is getting herself together as best she can with the three week notice she was given. (He informed her of his decision and left her with three weeks to find a new place to live for herself and my grandson.)
Life goes on.  Life is good.
Happy Quilting!!


Ruth said...

I love the scrappy quilt! And I love to stuff baggies with left-over pieces in a quilt shop for a couple bucks! One of my favorite things to do. I always try to scout the scrap bins out when I enter a new shop. Too bad about your daughter, but he doesn't sound like a real prize, does he. Soon it will be getting hot here in TX. We're using the air conditioner already!

Liriopia said...

I like that quilt. Have you tried Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip yet. Do, you will love it and it's great for using scraps up.


canuckquilter said...

I love your scrap quilt. It has a lot of energy. I wish your daughter well - as Ruth said, it doesn't sound like she is losing much of a prize, but of course that doesn't make things easier for her at the moment. Glad you and hubby are able to have some time together.

Beth said...

The quilt is a great scrappy quilt. I love all the colors and you did a great job of making it all work.
Sorry about your daughter. It must be so hard for her, but she has had tough things to handle before and she will again.
Glas your son is working on a better relationship with his Dad. It is always good to give it a try.

Katie said...

That quilt is great. You might not ever get any sleep while under it but it's so bright and cheerful, what you will get is a smile! And I love "I'm a quilter, not a fabric collector"...I think there are a LOT of us out there who could gain from taking that to heart!

a good yarn said...

It's a fantastic quilt! I love all the colour and movement. It's a utter torment not to pick up a scrap bag at the quilt shop but I'm sticking to the fabric diet for now. I'm sorry for your daughter but perhaps she is better off without a partner who isn't devoted to her or his family. Life's to short to be wasting it on those who don't deserve our love and affection.