Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello, again;)  I finally have some quilty photos to post;)  It's taken what seems like forever to get these little things done, but at last....

We had three babies due at work in the past month.  I know two of them are here already.  The third should be due anytime. 
As you can see, George has been working on his quilt inspection skills;)  I tried to keep these simple.  I used up some jelly rolls that just weren't going to see any other significant project.  The backing on this one was generously gifted to me by a fellower quilt blogger...came in perfect for this little project;)
I picked up this jelly roll during my last run down the coast and the backing is from New Mexico.  I got the idea for these jelly roll quilts from another blogger here...I think, if I am not mistaken, it was Alf and Lilly Creations.  Perfect little quilt design for a quick, who-knows-how-this-gift-will-be-received, quilt.
Now, I just have to run them through the washer and dryer.  Don't really want to pass on kitty-furred quilts over to newborns.
I'm going to run off here and go sort some more of my fabric.  Spend some quiet time with the old man.  We are hitting our 13th year together coming this Saturday.  We both have to work, so we might head out to do something tomorrow. 
To all, Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Oh're just too cute...
The Quilts Area all Three Great And Will Be loved For Sure. You're So GenerouS...I Always Worry I'll Open A Can Off Worms Buy Giving One quilt... (Stupid Smartphone likes caps... Dislikes Correcting...Ack)

Beth said...

It is always good to have the quilts cat tested and approved before sharing.
The quilts are adorable. And I am sure they will be loved.
Happy Anniversary!

Liriopia said...

Cute quilts! I have two jelly rolls of batik fabrics. I put them away so I wouldn't lose them, then forgot where I put them. Someday I will be surprised, LOL!


a good yarn said...

George looks to have given the the paws of approval and rightly so - they look terrific! Funny how babies arrive in bunches.