Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm glad to see that this forum and my quilty friends are still here and active.  It's been almost a year since I sat down to write.  I don't know how many times I sat down, turned the computer on, logged into the site, and walked away.  Just too much in life going on.  It happens.

My mom made it to the beach again.  It was only once, and may be the last time she gets to walk unassisted to the edge of the continent.  She had her heart surgery last November and was doing well for a short time.  She is currently in the hospital again.  I know she won't live forever.  I hope she knows how much I looked to her as inspiration for being tough, strong, and independent.  At times she made me mad because I thought she was giving up, but as I look and understand, that really is her prerogative to say "I'm done for now."

Through all this I have had some time to think about my own life.  I've set my priorities for now.  I think that's why I chose to live in the present instead of stopping to write.  But writing is part of me.  I can't neglect that.  It's one of the only ways to leave an impression once you leave this place.  Somewhere, someone, someday, will read what you write.  It may make no sense to them.  But it may hit a spot for someone.  And once is all it takes to live forever.

As for my personal existence, a lot has gone on.  I've changed career paths again.  I am currently working with people with disabilities.  It's an intense job.  It's also fantabulous.  I don't spend my day bent over a bench worrying if my numbers are going to measure up to a made up expectation that I can never satisfy.  I do spend my day assisting people make their personal life goals.  You just can't measure that.  It's a good thing.

In my personal time, I have been exploring Oregon with passion.  Harvest season has come and gone...and our pantry shows all the hard work we put into gathering the fruits of the Great Northwest.

I think I have been working on this post since strawberry season started.  I've been faced with the choice of writing or living the moment.  So much happened when the camera wasn't ready, but I said to "Hell" with it and kept going.  I don't regret anything.

I will stop and say thank you to my Husband for picking up where I had to leave off.  He lost his job early in the season.  I picked up full time work, and he picked up the canning.  And housekeeping.


It's been an eventful year.  We've had Halloween, and closed up shop in the kitchen for now.  There is still a freezer full of tomatoes to be processed.  And an ocean full of seafood to be harvested in the Winter months.  But for now, we can stop.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello.  It's been forever.  And it feels like forever.

The Summer, not to mention, Fall, went by without a blink.

I've taken on the Manager position at my apartment complex.

I got put in charge of "Halloween" at work.

My mom got news that she needed heart surgery.

She went through open heart surgery on Wednesday.

She is recovering.

I've lost 35 pounds.

I'm tired.

I haven't done any quilting since before vacation.

Things, on the grander scale, are okay.

Life has had it's grander points in the midst of all this chaos.

Katie and Beth have that seen that via FB. 

At some point, normality will start. 

Not sure when.

I'm here.

But not.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I won't spend too much time narrating this post....letting the pictures speak for themselves for the most part. 

I haven't done much quilting in the last month, in fact none at all.  But, I have been out adventuring with my favorite adventure buddy (aka The Hubby).  We took off last month on our second official vacation since we met 13 years ago. 

Here are some photos of the venture.....







Happy Camping to All!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oscar says I need to sew more or he is going to turn my ironing board into a cat tree, permanently.
Happy May Day to Everyone;)
Thought I would take a moment and sit down to write before the day gets busy.  I have been up since sleep schedule is all of kilter.  Oh well, I enjoy the peace of the early morning hours.
Speaking of peace....
I have whittled my scraps down to this.  I cut everything into 3.5" squares, and tossed what was smaller than that.  I think it's an accomplishment in and of itself to have what used to be a huge tote full of scraps worked down to one more scrap quilt's worth of goods.
I also managed to get this little treat put together this last week...
It's just a little clutch sized pouch to put in my purses to catch some of the floaties roaming about just out sight at the bottom of the purse;)  I made a bunch of these a couple of years ago, but never kept one for myself.  It's about time;)
Spring is slowly moving in here the Great North West.  I had to net in the balcony so the cats wouldn't wander off to the next door neighbor's place.  Made me mad last year when she would almost encourage Oscar to come over to her side.  I didn't appreciate that one bit.  Problem solved.
I've got my stash of canning jars ready and waiting for the canning season to get under way.  Seven dozen quart jars, six dozen pint jars, and uncounted small jelly jars.  Starting to stock up on pectin.  Sugar and vinegar are next on the list.  Gotta check the supplies for bands and lids.  Found out the hard way things rust really fast up here.
Anywho, laundry is calling and dishes are complaining.
Happy Quilting to All, and to All a Good Day!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

One Less UFO (for now)

I've had a bit more quilting time recently.  I pulled this one out of the UFO pile last Tuesday, basted it, and had it quilted by the days end.  The rest of the week was spent out with the hubby and binding it in the evenings while he played his latest video game.

This quilt came together out of my need to use up some of the novelty scraps that I had been collecting.  I love picking up the scrap bags from shops.  Oh, and the shops that have the "stuff all you can in the baggie for $$"...I'm a pro at that;)  Fun stuff;)   I also used scraps from quilts I have made for other people, some of them from years ago.  Figured I am a quilter, not a fabric collector...time to put this stuff to its inteded use;)
I didn't spend too much time on placement, but then again, maybe yes.  Nothing really goes together in the traditional sense of things, but I forced them together.  Got bored with a few of the blocks and turned them into other blocks besides nine patches.  I'm happy with it.
I have a habit of picking up novelty prints, and then fretting over how to use them without cutting them into little, unrecognizable pieces.  When all else fails, use them on the back;)
Like I said, I like it;)
Spring is here in this great place called Oregon.  I am collecting up all my canning jars and taking inventory.  I'm checking the journals and blogs to get a time frame as to when all the berry stuff starts and keeping tabs on the local farm internet sites.  So YUM!!
The hubby and I have been getting out here and there now that I rearranged my schedule to jive with his.  My son moved back in with his father for the time being.  Seems the two of them felt it was time to work on mending their relationship. It seems to be going well.  My daughter got divorced.  Seems her husband didn't want to play house anymore.  It hit her like a brick wall, but she is getting herself together as best she can with the three week notice she was given. (He informed her of his decision and left her with three weeks to find a new place to live for herself and my grandson.)
Life goes on.  Life is good.
Happy Quilting!!