Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello;)  I'm still here;)  Just been busy out exploring and working;)

The hubby and I managed to get two days off together with some money in our pockets...and took off for the coast again;)  AWESOME!!!

We left on Friday and headed for Beverly Beach State Park.  This place is huge...something like almost 200 camping spots for RVs and tents.  For it being the weekend before Easter, it was pretty empty...which was nice;)

We then beat feet it back up to Lincoln Beach to try our hand at clamming.  We picked up a clam gun and bucket at the local hardware store and got to it.

David had a blast.  I spent alot of time giggling at his following.  They would "complain" when he found something and didn't share it with them;)  Way funny to watch;)

YUM!!!!  I forget the name of the type of clams we pulled up, but we took in quite a bit.  That shrimp there is called a "ghost shrimp".  Not the best eating wise, but when you boil up some they make a great shrimp base for sauteing the clams in.

We did that until the sun went down and then headed back to camp.  We picked up some plain fettuccine noodles and bread from Mo's to use for dinner back at the campsite.  Dinner....oh, my goodness!!  Here we are at 10 in the dark...David gets the fire going while I start putting it together.  The clams are settling down so that we can shuck them.  I pull out the spices...21 seasoning, pepper, salt, oregano, etc.  Squeeze some lemons.  Add the white wine.  Throw in some olives.  Dice up a stick of real local butter.  The shrimp are boiling.  Time to process the clams.  An hour later we are eating fresh sauteed clams on fettuccine noodles by firelight;)  AWESOME!!

Day 2....Beach Hopping and Crabbing!!!

We had every intention of getting up before daybreak and catching the low tide for some more clamming...but morning found us on the slow side.  After some wonderful camp coffee and a bit of conversation, we decided to cruise the beaches back towards Lincoln City in time for the evening low tide.

Fogerty Creek was more than just a creek as you can see.  We pulled in here just to see what was there and after a quick walk through the park and under the freeway we found a nice quiet beach;)  The weather was awesome...calm, warm, and sunny;)  We managed to get sunburned in Oregon;)

We made stops at quite a few other spots, but our goal was to get back up to do some clamming.  We changed our minds when we figured out we had enough cash on hand to purchase a crab trap and bait;)  Back to the beach for some more yummers hunting;)

It was quite the busy place.  People out crabbing, walking, playing.  The weather was calm and overcast.  People had built shelters from the driftwood and fires were keeping the feet warm while the others were out crabbing.

Everybody uses chicken for crabbing.  You have to use parts with the bone still in because the salt water deteriorates the flesh pretty quickly.

We didn't manage to pull in any keepers, but had a blast.  Everybody was pulling in traps full of them, but only a few got any that were of legal size.  Good times;)

We wrapped the day up just after sunset and headed home.  We had such a good time that we decided to finally call this trip our honeymoon;)  LOL;)  You can't wait forever for the "perfect" time...but you pay attention to a point when you find yourself relaxed, happy, and content.  This was an AWESOME honeymoon;)


---"Love" said...

Gorgeous coastline pictures! Glad you had a good time! ---"Love"

Beth said...

It does look like an awesome Honeymoon!
I hope you get many more little get-a-ways to enjoy each other.

Katie said...

THat sounds and looks like a wonderful time! I'd ask if I could go along, but if it was your "honeymoon," you probably wouldn't want me along! I can't wait till the weather is warm enough to do fun stuff outside around here. Maybe I can convince the hubby to do something besides fish this year?