Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The hubby and I finally got to go do some exploring the coast.  This was the first time David has gotten to go to the beach in about 8 years....he was so happy to get some sand between his toes;)

It was a bit stormy out, but that is pretty much the norm up here this time of year.  There are some gorgeous places here, so different from the southern west coast.  And the water is soooo clean..not that I plan on doing any swimming out there;)

We peaked north at the Tillamook cheese factory.  You have to know how much of a mouse my husband is to understand how thrilled he was to go see this place.  If you ever get the chance, stop by.  You get to tour part of the factory from upstairs and sample some of the goodies they make.  Like a mini-Disneyland for cheese lovers;)

It was good to spend the day exploring with the hubby;)  It had been a really long time since we were able to just be together.  Next time we will have to take the camping gear and make it an overnighter;)

As for quilty stuff....still no action.  But I will soon, I think;)

Happy Everything;)


Ruth said...

The coast is so beautiful! And we have been to the Tillamook cheese factory also. Last summer I took my GD to the Latimer Quilt & Textile Center, also in Tillamook. Not very big, but kind of interesting. The lighthouse is neat also. Hope you can go camping soon!

---"Love" said...

Glad you finally got to spend a fun day together. By the way, nice pictures! ---"Love"

Marsha said...

I love to go to the Tillamook cheese factory. It is fun to see the process in the plant but the samples at the end are the best. And the ice cream, yum! Love the Marionberry, anything with Marionberries is great. Enjoy exploring your new surroundings, there is so much to see.

Beth said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear that you and the hubby got to get out and about by yourselves and enjoy the day.

Katie said...

mmmm...cheese... The tour sounds like a lot of fun if I'm ever up that way. And the photos on the beach are, as others have said, beautiful. It's nice you and the hubby got to spend time together and I hope you find time to go camping together soon.

a good yarn said...

I love a stormy coast! This is a stunner. Glad you enjoyed your cheesy visit. ann :-)