Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Selvages Anyone????

In the process of doing "inventory" here, I decided to take the selvages off as I was measuring and counting....
This is from the first box.  There is probably 100 yards of selvage alone here.  I didn't bother cutting off the selvages that were just super boring.

I have way to many other things to make in my head to even think of doing a selvage quilt.  And yes, Katie, I am going to put that UFO list together this week;)

So, if you are interested in this little bundle of possiblity leave a comment.  If more than one person is interested, I'll draw names by Friday.  If you are outside of the USA, I'm going to ship it as inexpensive as possible so it may take the slow boat, but it will get there.

Please make sure to check back on Friday.  I'll post my email addy so if you are the winner you can contact me.  If I don't here from the winner by Sunday, I will draw another name this time.  I really need to get this stuff gone so I can get my house in order again;)

Good luck, enjoy, and Happy Quilting!!


Marsha said...

I sent a whole bunch of selvages to Lisa at "unexpected paths" a while back. If she doesn't see your blog, I nominate her. She is working on a selvage project.

Quilting Mom said...

I am working on a selvage project and would love them! Please keep me in mind!!! Thank you!

---"Love" said...

Thanks, but no, thanks! It DOES look like a pile of interesting fabrics though! I may try it someday in the distant future! *wink* ---"Love"