Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pink! Pink!,....or, I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed;)

With the potential of having a grand-daughter in the works, this little bit of cute was calling to me....
It didn't photograph very well, but the pink is just so the right pink for some funky little grand-daughter;)

The little black kitties have silver bows on their necks.  I'm thinking of machine quilting it with silver thread.  I was also thinking that a pink satin binding would be perfect.  Just a simple, girly little quilt;)

If it is a girl, she's going to be so sick of pink by the time she is old enough to say so it's not even gonna be funny;)  Either that, or her mother will;)

We got our renter's insurance up and running today. Now we just have to do a detailed inventory of our belongings.  That's going to take a bit.  It's a load off my mind to have that now.  It's bad enough to possible have all your "stuff" destroyed, but add to that the thought of not being able to replace the most basic things that make your life tick.

I bought my son his plane tickets today so he can come spend some time with us this winter break.  It's been a while since he's been down here with me traveling up there to see the grand-baby and such.  He missed my hubby...they get along great;)  That, and he feels really comfortable here with us.  Good stuff.

We are about to have some company here in the next couple of weeks.  My brother and his wife are coming into town for their baby shower her mom is throwing for her.  Then my mom is coming down around the beginning of November...her own birthday road trip.  She loves spending time with us also;)

Anyway, it's getting late, and we are both fighting a cold.  Time to chill again and get some rest.  Date night didn't happen....to off to enjoy it fully;)  When we feel better, we will have to double up;)

Good night, and Happy Quilting!!


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

The quilt is great! Pink & black was real popular in the 50's! Satin binding would really be nice too. Some little girls never get tired of pink. Sounds like you will be busy with company - that means lots of cleaning and cooking coming up. Have fun!

Katie said...

Very cute quilt. I was one of those girls who was pinked-out by the time I was old enough to tell my mom, but I don't think I owned anything that wasn't pink or didn't have ruffles for the first few years of life. Enjoy the family visiting - it sounds like a lot of fun.

---"Love" said...

I had forgotten the pink/black thing from the 50's, but that was indeed the rage! Maybe your little GD will start it up again with that cute little quilt. *grin* You are going to be one busy lady with all that company coming; will any of them be there Thanksgiving or Christmas? Enjoy your time together, and don't work all the time while they are there! ---"Love"

Marsha said...

The pink and black are great together and I love the kitties and polka dots, great combination. Pindk satin binding would top it off perfectly! Enjoy your company, it is always fun showing them around the area. Hope you feel better fast!