Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facing the Music, or...Just How Many UFO's do I Really Have?????

With Katie's encouragement, I went through my projects tonight to start listing my UFO's.  I didn't really want to face the music here, but here it is so far.....
  1. Pink and Black Skull Throw:  needs to be basted, quilted, and bound
  2. Black, Red and White King Size Quilt: needs to be basted, quilted and bound
  3. Pink and White Breast Cancer Quilt:  needs basting, quilting, and binding
  4. Green and Brown Floral Wallhanging:  needs basting, quilting and binding
  5. Pink and Green Star Quilt, twin sized: need basting, quilting, and binding
  6. Scrap and Black Quilt, queen sized: needs basting, quilting, and binding
  7. Pink, Green and Yellow Log Cabin Quilt: finish hand quilting border, binding
  8. Baby Size Primary/Black and White Star Wallhanging: need to decide whether or not to finish it
  9. Purple and Orange Throw Quilt Blocks: blocks need to be sewn into top
  10. Bunch of blue 4 patch blocks: need to pick out tone on tone muslin, and sew into a top
  11. Pastel Baby Star Type Quilt:  finish blocks, and really deicide whether to finish or donate
  12. Red, White and Blue Quilt: keep working on a desin plan to get it going again
  13. Curved Canyon Wallhanging: need to decide if I am even going to finish this one or donate it
  14. Blue and Yellow Baby Quilt: donate
  15. Primitive Crow and Flower Quilt: decide whether to finish or donate
  16. Street Party Throw Quilt: pull off rest of foundation papers and fix tenting issues, baste, quilt, bind
  17. Green Hippo Baby Quilt: decide whether to hand or machine quilt, bind
  18. Pink Kitty and Polka Dot Baby Quilt: sew blocks into top
  19. Postage Stamp Blocks: work on when I'm really bored and have nothing else to do!
  20. Go through the other box that I think has UFO's in it!!!
Okay, there, I started it.  Most of these are already tops.  I was out of batting for a while, so they have been sitting there, waiting. 

I still have fabric in the dryer, and more lined up to be washed.  I'm almost overwhelmed, but not really.  I think deciding to let some projects go to charity because there is just no way I'm going to work on them again is better than just letting them take up space and go un-used in the closet.

On the brighter side.....

This is one of my done piles;)  I've given most of the stuff I've made recently as gifts, so I don't have them to show.

Oh, and I decided to try out the color catchers that Katie sent in my prize box....

Wow!!  Can you believe that?  I washed a bunch of different colors all together in cold water and came out with this.  I have no idea which one bled, or if it kept the bleeding color off the other fabrics as they were all kind of dark.  I will have to experiment with a piece of white fabric in a load of colors with the color catcher in there to see if keeps the bleeding off of the white fabric.  We'll see;)

I think I 'm done for the night.  I might fold the stuff in the dryer first, but that's it.

Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Your list of UFOs isn't all that bad. Like you said, most are already tops and those take up less space to store than finished quilts (though they're not as warm...). Now that you have a list, you know where to begin, right?

Beth said...

Great job. Your list isn't too bad. You will have them done in no time.

canuckquilter said...

I see a lot of basting and quilting in your future! Won't it feel good to cross a few things off the list? I think you have the right idea about donating something you just won't work on again. It's OK to fall out of love with a project, but you know someone out there will be happy to breathe new life into it.

Sandy said...

What would we do without Katie to challenge us? I might panic at the thought of so many unfinished projects, but I'm sure you will find a way to complete them all. Good luck.

I really like the pink and black quilt blocks. I am one of those 'girls' who never outgrew her love of pink.


Marsha said...

The list looks big, but so many of the projects just need a little attention. You will have them done in no time and it will feel great to watch the list shrink! The color catcher is amazing, it really shows why it's a good idea to wash fabric before sewing with it.

---"Love" said...

I have every confidence you will finish them all before Christmas probably! ---"Love"