Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just to forewarn you...this is pretty much just a rant for a moment....

So, here I am, all happy and giddy about finding a really cool print online that I couldn't find anywhere in town, just waiting for the mail, when all of the sudden I just randomly check my email and find, to my suprise, a refund notification from the online quilt store!!  No phone call to let me know in person.  No explanation email.  Nothing.  Just a refund notice.

Here's my problem....Is it just me, or do these online quilt store site's not take their business seriously???  I mean really, if they had called me personally to tell me what was wrong I don't think I would be so mad right now.  Even ask me if there is anything else I wanted instead...there were some other goodies at their store that would have been cool to have also, or in this case, instead.  Maybe they could have offered to backorder it, or see if they could find another place that had it.  I don't know, but if I had handled this sort of issue in this manner I would have been written up, or even fired.  It's okay to demand customer service standards from anyone other than yourself.

And to top it all off...the Hubby is out enjoying his end of the benefit of the bargaining that went on in order for me to be able to make this purchase!!!! DA** IT!!!!!!!

Between the problems my mom has had with Keepsake Quilting always putting her orders on backorder, the issues Katie is having with lack of communication over a purchase, and this....really?  It really puts a damper on internet ordering confidence!!  And to think, I was almost ready to start cutting out pieces with the fabric I have on hand that included the fabric on order soon (supposedly) to arrive!!

Okay....I think I am a little better now.  Thanks for listening;)

Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

I don't order online often, but did last Thursday. The girl asked for my e-mail address and said she would send a confirmation e-mail, which never came. However, I received my order today; all okay. I must admit I was a little doubtful yesterday since I had never ordered from the place before. I agree with you that better communication is needed. ---"Love"

Katie said...

I'm so sorry for what they did, but at least you got a timely refund. I'm STILL waiting on your honey bun. And the worst part for me is that the gal who runs the shop I ordered from had decided to quit the business and was having a sale (which is why I chose her store in the first place). But as a preface to the sale/closing announcement, in her blog she went on and on and on about poor customer service from online quilt shops being her motivation to open her own. Well... If she wasn't closing, there'd be a BIG rant on my blog naming her name about a dozen times. (It still may happen.)

It seems in this "digital age" these things could be easily handled....

Beth said...

Customer service does not seem to be a priority anywhere these days. It seems to me that if they could send a refund notification, they could send at least an explanation of why you aren't going to get your fabric.
Glad you didn't cut into your other fabrics!
Happy stitching.

WindsomWinds said...

I went to the Pacific International Quilt show today and put my husband on a mission of looking for your fabric in the booths. He had a lot of fun hunting for it. In all three hundred vendors we found one yard! It is yours if you want it! E-mail me your address and I can put it in the mail Monday. If you've already tracked it down elsewhere I'm glad! It is really a fun spiderweb.