Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween UFO Finished

There is something that feels good about finishing a project that has been haunting your conscience for a long time...
They are supposed to be place mats, but the Hubby and I never sit to eat at the dining room table (it's actually my sewing space), so I put one under the coffee center, one on my desk, one on his, and one on the video center.  Hey, it works;)

I need to send out a big thank you to Cheryl and her husband....they found a yard of that spider web fabric!!!  How cool is that??  That's very cool!!  I will have send a payback for it;)

It's 220 in the AM, and I am wide awake, mostly;)  I've been washing fabric for the past week...I think I opened a can of worms I wasn't quite ready for!!  If I just shut the doors to the laundry room, it won't exist will it?  Hey, I tried;)

I haven't started anything for the up and coming grand baby yet.  I don't want to pull out a color scheme yet without knowing which way we are going here.  I still have my hopes up for a grand-daughter;)  If it's a girl, she's going to name her Kamryn Raine.  The middle name is a spin off of the spelling trend that my mother started with my middle name.  I love the name;)

I do have to get something together for my brother and his wife soon...they are expecting a boy sometime in January, or February ( I can't remember which).  They are having a baby shower at the end of the month, but I'm not sure if I will have anything done by then.  He and the wife are the couple I was telling you about who have more tattoos than you can shake a stick at and ride Harley's.  The color scheme for the baby's room is black, white, and green.  And "non-scary" skulls.  Right up my alley;)

I've got baking on the brain, too;)  Came across some recipes I am going to try out, and the Hubby wants homemade Halloween sugar cookies;)  Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while;)

Speaking of busy....I need to get the laundry rotated and the next project started, whatever that's going to be;)

Night, and Happy Quilting!!


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

The place mats are great! Glad you got the spider web fabric - it's perfect! Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy in the next few months. Hee Hee!

Marsha said...

Your Halloween place mats are so cute, I love the pattern. The orange spiderweb fabric is great!

Katie said...

Your Halloween non-placemats turned out great! (We don't eat at the table either...) It sounds like you're keeping busy with the washing and the planning and the baking. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the two babies you mentioned - I'm sure it will be cute, though that non-scary sculls has me scratching my head a little!

Beth said...

Those placemats came out sew cute. That spiderweb fabric is really perfect.
Can't wait to see what you do for the new babies coming along.

Sandy said...

Those table mats are hauntingly cute. I like they way you quilted them, too. Hallowe'en sugar cookies sound delicious!


---"Love" said...

Those placemats are adorable, and I like the idea of spreading them around the room; you have opportunity to enjoy them a lot more! All the fabrics are cute, but the spiderweb fabric is pretty special! So is your applique!---"Love"