Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've been Really, Really, Really Bad, or...Folllowing Ann's Example;P

I might blame this on Unexpected Paths, or I might blame it on Ann, but  after following a link on UP's page, I fell in love with this print....
How sophisticated of a spider web can you get??? Well, this one answers the question;)  I found it at Material Girls, but decided to try and do the "buy local" thing and went searching for it at the local quilt shops.  I didn't find it, so I ordered 3 yards of it from them.  You know that old Mervyn's commercial..."Open! Open! Open!"??  Well, my saying right now is "Deliver! Deliver! Deliver!"  I don't know what it is about this print, but I love it!!

So, on to the bad, bad, bad part....searching quilt shops for a particular print brings you into close proximity to other prints, which leads to temptation, which leads to purchase because there is money in the bank (calculating just how much we really need to eat, and that buying clothes at thrift stores is really good for the environment....LOL...rationalizing is wonderful!!)...I picked up these gems...

Oh, how I love novelty fabrics!!!!!!

OMG!!!  Hearse"s (god, I hope I spelled that right!) !!!!!!  LOL!!  I love it!!!  And the coffin falling out of the back....icing on the cake!!

Bats!!  With stars for eyes!! Carrying little pumkin candy bags!!!  Cool!!

Okay, not so crazy, but I love the green;)

It doesn't show in the picture, but the orange on this is perfect Halloween Orange.  Understated, but so deveilishly cute!!

Yes, it's really THAT pink!!  I saw this from the other side of the quilt store and just had to have it!!  I didn't realize just how popular Day of the Dead fabric is here in this area.  I have an idea that it's because of the deomographics...Hispanic culture, etc. etc.  I just know I love it!!

And to top it all off, the hubby picked out this gorgeous green metalic thread...

I don't think the picture does it justice, but the combo of that green and black is wonderful!!

So, I was in the quilt store getting my goodies cut up into rational pieces, when I spotted a quilting machine in action. There was no one standing at it, but it was just going to town...which will lead into the next post or two that I do.

Right now, dinner is getting cold  and the Hubby is exclaiming..."I'm hungry!!"...
Gotta go, but, Happy Quilting!!!


---"Love" said...

You certainly do have a special knack for putting those wild fabrics together; I'm even beginning to like them, especially that first fancy spider web one. Can't wait to see how you put them all together. Oh, and the word is "hearse" or "hearses"; (I used to work at a funeral home for a number of years before the fire dept.)It's great to know you are having so much fun! I thought we would be seeing pink by now?? *grin*---"Love"

Katie said...

There are so many fantastic Halloween fabrics out there this year. Or maybe I'm just more aware of them. They've been tempting me for a while and I've mostly resisted... Have you cut into those fantastic fabrics yet? I'm sure you'll make something fantastic!

Beth said...

Love your new fabrics. We have that first one at the store. My favorite is the green spider webs.(I love bright greens esp. limes).
Can't wait to see what you do with them.
Oh ya.. love the coffin falling out too.

canuckquilter said...

Aren't you all set up to have fun this month! Enjoy! -Joanne

Liriopia said...

Love your new fabrics! You are gonna have so much fun.