Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!!! Selvage Giveaway, and Goodies in the Mail

I checked my mail last night and got a notice that I had two packages waiting for me in the office...which was closed for the night!!!  Darn!!!  So first thing this morning I got myself down there and got this.....
!!!!!  Thank you so much, Cheryl (and hubby)!!!!!
Not only did they find the spider web fabric, she sent some extra fun stuff...chocolates, salt water taffy, some snowpeople on motorcycles (fun!), and a pretty card to look at (how I miss the beach!!!).
Thank you again;)  I have some time tonight since it's boy's night out to spend coming with new projects!
(The UFO's have waited this long, it won't hurt them to wait a bit longer! LOL;)

And for the selvage giveaway....
I'm going to pass this one to Quilting Mom since she left a comment wanting them.  I will keep working on washing fabrics and have another selvage giveaway in the near future for anyone that's interested.
Please contact me at
so I can get your mailing information asap;)
Congrats, and enjoy;)  Would love to see what you do with them;)

The other package came from my mom....she sent Halloween pajamas!!  Too fun!!  I didn't take pictures, well, because I don't think the world needs to see me in my pajamas;)

Gonna take a nap, and then get back to doing my thing. 

Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

What fun goodies! And Halloween pj's? I thought I'd hit the jackpot with Halloween undies at Wal-Mart...I won't show those either. You're planning new projects? Well, I guess that list-making works better for some of us than others! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Marsha said...

All of your goodies look great, love the snow people on the motorcycle! New projects are always more fun than UFO's, enjoy! The older projects will wait for you.

---"Love" said...

You're going to have fun with those fabrics I'm sure! ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

That was a fun mail call! So will you be coming up with those new projects while lounging around in the Halloween PJs? Have a great girl's night in while the guys are out :)

Beth said...

Fabric, candy and Halloween p.j.s!!! How much can one girl stand!!! Enjoy it all. Can'twait to see what you do next.

WindsomWinds said...

I'm glad it arrived safely! The Halloween PJs sound fabulous! I'm planning out what Halloween projects I can make next year.