Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I've been keeping myself busy this past weekend with housework, baking, and sewing....wait, that sounds like a normal weekend here!?!

I was going to start a new project, but couldn't get the idea to form solidly enough to transfer from the brain to a product, so I put it on the back burner and worked on a couple of UFOs....
This one went from blocks on the table to quilted.  This is the first time I did free motion quilting on a bigger project.  It's only a baby size quilt, but it's still big when it comes to what I've free motion quilted in the past.  It was fun, but a bit frustrating at time's when I had to learn how to time my movement with the machine so the stitches weren't five miles long.  It won't win any ribbons, but it's cute...and quilted;)

Oscar says, "Look, I match!!!"  He jumped up there on the quilt while I was sewing and made himself comfortable...that was the end of any sewing for the next 20 minutes! LOL

I spent a little time in the kitchen baking up things I didn't plan to keep in the house.  My hubby and I always joke about how if we cooked and baked like we know how to, we would both weigh a bazillion pounds.  So I usually send off the goods with him to work to pawn off on unsuspecting coworkers.

This weekend I made my chocolate chip cookies...yum!  I call them "mine" because I put in a couple of unorthodox ingredients that are secret;)  I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but they are yummy;)  I didn't get any pictures of those before I packed them up and sent them out into the world, but I did get a picture of these....

These are SUGAR cookies!!!  I say that because they are way to sweet for me.  Next time I make sugar cookies, I think I will use a frosting that has more of a flavor other than sugar.  I pulled the recipe off the internet and used it because it said that's the kind of frosting you are supposed to use.  Yeah, if you like sticking a spoon in the sugar jar and eating it straight.  Had fun making them, but next time will be different.

Speaking of baking....

I had to pick up some more flour from the store, saw this and said to myself.."Hey, fabric!!"  Flour sack quilts!!  They don't have a variety of sacks at that store, but I'm sure if I looked around I could find some other designs.  Not sure when I will use them, but it's better than just having a paper bag to throw in the trash when the flour is gone.

These blue blocks were also my UFO list.  I think I counted sixty of them.  I thought about just sewing them all together in one quilt, but then decided to use this red that I have way to much of and get two baby quilts from it.  They may go to the local women's shelter when I'm done with them.

They finally got done remodeling the local library took forever it seemed.  Can you tell I was hungry when I went??  LOL.  Oh well, maybe I'll find something new and yummy to make;)

Other than that it's been cold here.  Well, nice in the daylight, and then cold at night.  Winter seems to be trying to make her presence known quite dramatically this year already.  We had a hail storm move through this past Friday that tore the flora and fauna to shreds.  It was enough hail that it looked like it snowed!  I went for a walk the next day and found piles of hail still lurking in the shadows.  Time to break out the cold weather gear!!

I'm going to get back to being productive here.  Hope everybody has a great day and gets to do something they love!
Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! The pink and black cat quilt is still awesome and I see Oscar agrees with me. The cookies sound good - will you share your secret recipe?

canuckquilter said...

Your pink and black cat quilt is very cute, and Oscar approved too! What more needs to be said? I know what you mean about having to send the baking out into the world. I love to bake but can't eat as much as I'd love to make so...time to feed the hubby's grad students!

Sandy said...

I love the cat quilt. Wish I could find fabric like that. The cookies sound delicious (I have a 'brown sugar' cookie recipe -- the cookies aren't quite as sweet).

The blue blocks with the red will make a striking quilt. I really like that combination.

Now, about your weather. The hail may have looked like snow, but we have real snow on the ground this morning!


Marsha said...

I love the kitties and polka dots, pink and black make a great combination! Oscar says so. I hate to cook, but love to bake! Same problem, I don't need to eat all the yummy baked goods. What store did you buy the flour in? I didn't think anyone packaged it in fabric bags anymore! The bird on the bag is beautiful! The blue and red quilts will be nice, but I love red, white and blue together. The red is sooooo red! Love it.

We watched the weather for the night before the hail storm and it said we could have large hail overnight. We went out and tied blankets to the top of the truck and trailer, just in case but no hail. Took them off to dry in the morning, then watched it hail in the afternoon. Thank goodness it was all small stuff but it did shred the bushes a bit. It piled up in my yard and flower pots and looked like snow. We will see if we get wind today!

Beth said...

Does Oscar know that quilt isn't for him? Cause he looks like he has claimed it. I like it too Oscar. It really is fun fabric.

I hate to cook, but I used to bake a lot from scratch. I try not to now cause my sugars have been high and the Dr. gets on my case. :(

I like your combination of red and blue. That will be a cute baby quilt.

Hey, I think my Viking is just like yours.

---"Love" said...

Your quilting looks nice on your pink/black quilt! Wish I had the courage to try it! When I bake, it's from scratch, and the key word there is "when"! But I love sweets, so the "when" is way too often! You know I love red/white/blue quilts! (I have a Viking too!) ---"Love"