Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress and Sunsets

I am trying to decide how I am going to stretch this fabric to make this quilt for my mom at least a lap quilt.  I went through my stash, and I have nothing that will go with it except maybe some cream tone on tone stuff.

Here are a couple of layouts I came up with so far......
For size reference, these blocks here equal about a baby sized quilt.  I was thinking maybe I cut put a border of the cat print around the whole thing, and then just start adding strips of the three fabrics around that until I run out.


Set in a block of the cat print in the middle, and do the same border thing around the whole thing like I listed above.

The problem I am having is that I'm not getting enough contrast to make me comfortable.  Losing that red really pulled things out of proportion.  But, I have to work with what I have here.

I'll figure something out;)

I managed to step out onto my balcony and saw this tonight.....

It looked even better in real life.  I love the sunsets out here.  It's one of the main reason's we decided to move out here.  I need to get out and see them more often;)

Oh, and did I ever tell you guys about the dog.....

This is Aeon (pronounced Eon)  I talk about Oscar so much, I forgot to show pictures of the dog;)  Of course, she doesn't do as much quilt inspection work as Oscar does....she keeps watch on the door for people that aren't invited.

I'm designated driver tonight, so I will be sewing and drinking coffee for awhile tonight.  I have to go pick up the hubby around midnight, so I should be able to get a bit more quilting in;)

Hope all is well with everyone, and Happy Quilting!!


Marsha said...

I was out on my patio watching that sunset last night, the reds in the clouds was gorgeous!

Not sure what to suggest with your mom's quilt. Just keep playing with different options to see what you like best.

Aeon is a cutie, watching for uninvited people is an important job!

Beth said...

beautiful sunset!
adorable dog.

I see your dilemma on your Mom's quilt. I like the cat fabric in the center, but I understand what you are saying about losing red on the border. Do you have any tonbe on tone red that you could do a narrow red border then add the other? I know you will find a creative solution that will pull it all together.

Katie said...

Oh, Aeon is adroable! I do like the kitty fabric focus in the middle, but it needs something to break it up a little, I think. I don't know what to suggest, though... Sleep on it! (Not literally, though...that might be hard to get up in the morning, if you're like me!)