Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working on Mom's Quilt

I had to throw away 16 blocks and two yards of fabric last night.  The red/maroon fabric my mom had purchased BLED EVERYWHERE!!!!  I didn't see the red streaks on the ironing board and pink tint on the tone on tone fabric until I was done with 16 blocks.  I checked the selvage, and it was made in 1994.  Now I haven't had to prewash fabrics in years, not since the early 90's.....yeah, go figure the chances.  She picked this up at JoAnn's about a year ago.  Note to self:  check date on selvage before purchasing from JoAnns or any other low cost fabric store.

But, I didn't let that bother me for too long.  I reworked my ideas for her quilt and moved on.

I am going to do this square in square thing with another set of 16 blocks in the opposite color way.  With the cat print...not sure how I am going to set in it, but I was also thinking of adding some flying geese blocks to make a sort of  "cat in the garden" idea.  Scattered birds, cats, and stepping quilter's know what it means;)

Anyway, since I lost all my comments on my previous posts, if you are still interested in trying out the pumpkin pincushion pattern, email me at and I will get that off to you asap.

The hubby is making homemade onion rings...yum!!....we are going to kick back and watch X-Files for a bit.

Happy Quilting!!


WindsomWinds said...

Looks like you've overcome your quilters block! I like these blocks and the idea of the cat in garden. I love quilts that have subtle meanings, I'm just rarely creative enough to come up with them on my own.
Scarry that the JoAnn's fabric bled! Who would have thought they would still have fabric sitting around from 16 years ago!

Liriopia said...

Wow, that's a surprise! I have fabric sitting around from 16 years ago, but I never expected Joann's might. Anyway, I love your little cat-in-the-garden idea. I got the pumpkin instructions, too.


Katie said...

I live in fear of bleeding reds. I've gotten much better about washing most fabrics before use, but that's awful that you ruined so much. I like the square in a square pattern...for the kitties, maybe make the inside square a little larger to showcase the pattern and the outside square/borders skinnier? (My mind has been going all night and seems it's still going - I'll be posting in a bit and that should explain this some...)

X Files sounds fantastic. Maybe I'll have to crank up the PS3 for some Netflix this morning...

Marsha said...

It's a shame you had to toss so much fabric. The reds do bleed sometimes but this sounds extreme. Out of habit I wash fabrics before I use them but it is not often much color washes out anymore. I love the kitty fabric, this is going to be a wonderful quilt!

---"Love" said...

Good Grief! Trash those blocks?? That's really bad news! Makes me wonder about all the old fabrics I have stored away, and a lot of it with red! I do always wash everything, and with Color Catchers! Now I'll be sweating out those big patriotic quilts I just finished. I do know I washed it all, and the reds several times. Maybe I'll be gone by the time they have to be washed! ---"Love"

Beth said...

I stopped washing my fabric too. I will have to check too before I use any deep colors. Looks like you got right back to work. I like your ideas for incorporating the flying geese and all.
I gotmy little pumpkin pattern and plan to try it this week.