Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Swap Blocks Arrive, and Test Pattern Ready

First let me say thank you to Christine for the swap blocks;)  Very pretty!  I'm looking forward to getting this quilt all together;)
Of course, Oscar had to inspect and approve them first thing!!

It took me a bit, but I have the first test run of the pattern ready to send via email in PDF form.  I will keep the testing within the APQ Buddy Circle.  Just let me know in the comment section if you are interested in trying it out and I will get it emailed out to you asap.  Make sure I have access to your email address somewhre on your blog spot, or email me at my listed email address and I will send the file off in the reply.

What I am looking for is feedback in regards to readability, process steps, whether or not you feel it needs more graphic direction, etc.  I am looking forward to the feedback on this.

As for other things in my life....I'm still suffering from quilter's block.  But, everytime I say that outloud here on the blog, I wind up making something.  Maybe that 's a good thing!!



There, maybe that will work;)  I'll let you know;)

I put myself back in the job market today.  I really need something to do besides stare at these walls and this blue carpet.  I am going to be a bit picky I suppose about who I work for and what I do though.  I really don't think I will put up with the same sort of treatment I got from EMPLOYER W.  I could use the extra money (so I can go see the grandbaby), and the mental activity of thinking about something else.

But other than that, everything else is same-o same-o.  Which could be a good thing;)

Happy Quilting!!


Liriopia said...

Hey, I'll try out your pattern!


Katie said...

Is that like saying Beetlejuice three times and he appears? If you say "quilter's block" the magical quilter's block fairy arrives (hopefully the adventures she takes you on aren't quite those found in the Beetlejuice movie!)... Good luck on the job hunt.

Marsha said...

I'd love to be a guinea pig and try out your pattern instructions. Plus, that little pumpkin is so cute! Hopefully the chant will bring on some creative quilting ideas. It is sure to work just as soon as you find new employment and don't have as much free time! Extra money for a trip to see your new grandbaby would be especially nice.

Sandy said...

Good luck with the pattern testing. I can see that pincushion in bright Christmas fabric and pretty jewel tones as well. Very versatile.


(Are you sure you have quilter's block?)

Beth said...

Me,me, I'll test the pattern too.
Great blocks.
Good luck with the job hunt.

WindsomWinds said...

I would love to try out your pattern! It is so cute! I've been looking at your pumpkin this week thinking about how I need a new pin cussion. (My current one is too small and the pins stick out the bottom...not good!)

trish said...

Your little pumpkin is soo cute!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia