Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shop Hop Fly By

Hello;) Just another quickie here...I have three baby quilts that I need to be working on this morning.

Mom and I went on a bit of a shop hop yesterday.  We managed to get the southern quilt shops done and plan to do the ones towards Portland next week.  We are on a pretty tight budget, so we had to be picky and thrifty about what we picked up.  I think I spent a total of $20 (or less) for what I have in the picture (hit the clearance sections, and got free sweet sixteenths from all the shops). 

Mom had a great time, too.  She hasn't been on a real quilt run in years;)
I don't know how productive this could be, but it was cute;)
I think only a quilt shop hopper quilter type person would understand why I would include a photo of a bathroom....all the shops are having their own competition for the "prettiest potty".  I really like this one.  And as far apart as these shops are, one is going to need to visit everyone of them;)

We had a good time;)  I will try to post pictures of the three baby quilts here sometime soon;)

Happy Quilting to All!!


Liriopia said...

Quite a haul for $20.00. Well done!


Marsha said...

You spent your $20 well, that's quite a pile of goodies! Can't wait to see the three little quilts!

---"Love" said...

You'll have a lot of fun with those fabrics! My favorite local quilt shop also decorates the restroom with quilty things. Everyone always has to pay a visit there while in the shop! *giggle* ---"Love"

Beth said...

How cute that potty is!!! LOL
You made quite a nice pile of goodies on a budget.
Happy hopping.

Ruth said...

Looks like a fun shop hop! It seems like a lot of quilt shops decorate their bathrooms in unique ways. I love that. Might as well have something pretty to look at while you're there!

a good yarn said...

Glad you and mum had such a good time!