Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The hubby has gone off to work on his last night of a seven day work streak....he's pooped, but such a trooper;)

As for myself, I managed to get some housework done.  Didn't have to work today, but didn't have anywhere to go, so....

You have to tilt your head sideways (blogger not cooperating again!!!), but this is what I pulled out today to work on.  I was debating on whether or not to put white on white sashings in this, but I think I am going to pass and just butt them up together.  Too much white otherwise.  I picked this fabric group up last year when I was up here exploring with my mother.  The fabric looks much better in person than it does in the photo.  The hubby is due to paint the living room this weekend, so I have incentive to get this put together by then (it's taped up to the primered wall).

Anyway, an update on the Urban garden project....

(Once again..I have no idea why blogger is not cooperating.)

Since the patio is so small, I have started hanging plants up.  I can't get a great photo of the deck, but it looks really cool;)

I have roses, dahlias, herbs, marigolds, tomatoes, hot peppers, and a bunch of other little goodies going.

I had my boy put up some shelves in the corner so that I had more space to grow up.  I salvaged those "shelves" from the free pile at the ReStore...they were cabinet facings.  And picked up the L-brackets at a thrift store.

This is my hanging "salad bowl";)  When the strawberries (which I picked up for 25cents a start from a girl that was selling the extras from her garden) ripen, I plan on having a strawberry and fancy lettuce salad with homemade olive oil and vinaigrette dressing with some walnuts;)  YUM!!

(geesh...this is driving me nuts!!!)
The picture was found at the Goodwill...$7.50 after my discount;)  I love it!!  The little nook here on the patio is my "New Mexico" wall.  I have our old front license plate tacked up there on the right and some sort of Mexican fabric turtles on a string thing there on the left.  Like I have said before, the photos don't do any justice on the atmosphere I have going out there;)

I didn't take pictures, but the Urban garden project has spread to two more apartments.  The lady next to me on the north side has 6 tomato plants and some sweet peas going that I bought and entrusted to her to care for with the understanding that I get half the crop.  The guy downstairs built a raised planter box with my son, found some free fill dirt and is doing the watering on 4 more tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, and seedlings of squash, carrots and spring onions.  I get half of that crop also.  He also planted a bunch of strawberry starts that are doing quite well.

So, life in Oregon is going quite well.  We are settling in and starting to relax a bit.  The hubby is getting a transfer into a maintenance position, so he won't be killing himself trying to do a young man's job anymore.  I'm bored crazy with my job, but still okay with it.  The boy is adjusting to job corps life, and having a ton of fun;)  He told me tonight that he may go work on a cattle ranch for his summer vacation.  I said have at it;)  I'm not one to keep my kids down when they are making positive decisions for themselves.  Explore, have fun..you only get one go at this.

I read an article in the current Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (though I haven't bought one since the mid 90's...they just went too artsy on me for my taste...and not enough doable patterns for the cost).  Anyway, the article was about hitting 40 and dealing with (life's) UFO's, or aka WIPs.  It really hit home on the subject of letting go and re-determining priorities.  I have decided that it is okay to say to myself that I am just not going to follow through on some things.  But that all things have been beneficial in one way or another.  Learned what I do and do not like.  What I will spend my time on, and what no longer needs to be pursued.  And that it is okay to let go of personal expectations that just don't meet your life (or creative) path at this point.  Yeah, I invested the money when I bought it, but passing forward the things I am just not going to do to charity is just as well.  At least it will be put to good use.  It will free up the table for things that I am interested in now, whether it be just making space for positive energy, relieving guilt, or making more room for more interesting projects.

Anyway, if you are still reading at this point, I say thank you;)  I do read all the comments and emails that I get on responses to comments that I have left.  Life is good, and quilting goes on;)

Happy Quilting to All!!


Ran said...

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Katie said...

The quilt is so pretty! I would like it with or without the sashings, but seeing it on a computer screen, as you've said, is not the same as in person. It's going to be beautiful either way. Your plants look great. We don't get enough sun up near the house for anything like that here (no complaining - 100-year-old maple trees cut down on the A/C useage significantly!), but seeing all those plants and thinking of all the goodies you'll be harvesting has me thinking I need to get my behind in gear and plant a small garden, too. And good for you getting a grip on the UFOs. Is that what got the creative juices flowing again? Whatever it was, I'm glad to see you posting (and posting quilty stuff) regularly again. Oh yes, not to forget, congrats to the hubby on the transfer!

Liriopia said...

Such positive energy flowing through you now! It is just so obvious in your post. Love your urban gardening project. It's a great idea! And, yes, do clean out the clutter so you can concentrate on what you really want to do! Way to go, girl!


canuckquilter said...

You are definitely getting back into things! I like the quilt without the sashings too. Love your salad bowl :) Your deck seems to be turning into a great little outdoor room.

Marsha said...

Your quilt looks great and what incentive. The wall needs painting, so you have to get it put together! I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Love your garden/patio area. It is great use of the space and you have the bonus of good things to eat. Sounds like you are relaxing and settling in, enjoy!

---"Love" said...

Love your sentence: "Life is good and quilting goes on!" That's great news! Your garden also adds much to life, doesn't it? I bought that magazine, and I'm going to read that article while I eat lunch! Hope it will encourage me as much as it did you! Your quilt is going to be beautiful. ---"Love"

Beth said...

The quilt blocks on the wall look great. Can't wait to see them together, they always look better.
Your garden is amazing and you have inspired your neighbors.
I really wanted to plan a garden this year. I guess it isn't too late if I get plants that are already started. hmmmm
Happy stitching

a good yarn said...

It's amazing what you can grow in a small space and you get to eat the rewards! Your quilt blocks look great - I like the fabrics. Now that you have some clarity you can make adjustments. Quilting should be fun - not a chore. ann :-)

Ruth said...

I love your patio with all the plants and your little bench to sit on! The quilt blocks look great! I think I was on a trip when you posted this and got behind with all the blogs. I'm glad everything is going well. I can't wait till we get to OR next year sometime - probably to visit, but maybe to move. We will definitely have to get together!