Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost Gone;)

Thought I would take a moment and write before we break camp here and head north.  Three more days left until the big move.....excited, nervous, and ready to get this going;)  Still not sure where we will be landing yet...either Salem or Bend depending on whether or not the hubby's transfer goes through.  If it doesn't, then Salem will be the most likely spot.  Bend is being considered only because of the pending job transfer. 

Either way, we will be in Oregon, and you all know how much I have wanted to get there;)

Update from last post regarding hubby's father....After some extensive testing, they found and fixed the hole in his heart.  He was in and out of surgery and back to walking within 48 hours.  Still a little pale and disorientated from the procedure, but full recovery expected.  I am very grateful for this, both for my father-in-law's sake and my hubby's.  I don't think he could have handled a loss of the magnitude right now.

As for quilting....not a stitch in the last month.  I did manage to get a bed quilt made for my son.  I would show a picture, but I can't get it from him.  As soon as I told him it was done, he swooped it up and I haven't been able to pry it from him since;)  One of these days I will sneak in a picture;)

So, for now....logging off.  I will post again once I get settled.  To all, a blessed new year, and good quilting to all;)

Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

I'm so happy for you finally getting to make your move to Oregon! I do truly hope everything will work out wonderfully for all of you. It's good to read the good report on hubby's dad, and I'm not surprised that your son loves the quilt made for him by his mom, whatever it is!
Hope the move goes well, and that we will be hearing from you again when you get settled. Hopefully that won't be too long. Do be careful, and stay safe! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

I'd like to echo Love's sentiments and also wish you a safe journey. Good news about DH's dad. ann :-)

Ruth said...

That is so exciting! Salem is about 1/2 hour from DS's house and Bend about 45 min from BIL's house! Next time we go to OR, I hope we can get together. Hope the transfer goes thru for your hubby. Great news about your FIL too! Can't wait to hear where you land, etc!

Liriopia said...

Best of luck and I hope everything works out to your satisfaction. Will be watching for your next post and a picture of the quilt.


Katie said...

I'm excited for you that things are in place and you're almost ready to go. I don't envy the hassle of the move, but I know the new place will do you and your family a lot of good. Good luck! I am so happy to hear your father-in-law was up and moving so quickly and is expected to recover fully. I hope you get settled quickly and can get back to quilting and whatever else your heart desires soon after the move. I'll be waiting - I enjoy your quilty creativity so much!

Beth said...

Moving is always exciting and scary at the same time. I hope that the move will go smoothly and you all will be settled in quickly.
Glad your FIL is up and doing well after surgery.

Look forward to hearing about the move and your new home. Until then I will keep you in my thoughts. Safe travels. May 2012 be an awesome year.

Marsha said...

It is good to hear your FIL is doing much better. I hope everything goes well with your move and you are settled in soon. It would be great if hubby's job works out, too. Have a safe trip and we will be waiting to hear about your new place!

canuckquilter said...

Good luck with your move. Have a safe journey! Let us know when you're settled in safe and sound again.