Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Still Here;)

Blogger has been making me mad lately.  I have been trying to leave comments on blogs, but it is not cooperating unless the blogger person has their comment section set up a certain way.  I'm not being anti-social...just can't communicate.  I will have to try and figure out what the problem is.

I don't have any new quilty things to show.  I managed to get those quilts done for the shop and am working on a second southwest quilt for the same guy that bought the last one.  I upped the price on this one as the cost of things have gone up and I way undersold myself on the last one.

I took the boy and the hubby to the zoo last week....

He made himself his first friend here;)  He was so impressed with the whole thing that he is going to be volunteering at the Touch Pool at the aquarium.  He is so looking forward to it.  It doesn't pay anything but the experience will be priceless;)

The hubby got to goofing off while we were there....
Don't ask...I have no idea;)

The hubby and I are now enrolled in a voluteer program there at the zoo.  We will be in class for the next twelve weeks for the first part, with the whole program taking up to a year to complete.  If we go through with the whole program, we will be docents for the zoo.  You can't beat the free education we will get out of it.

So, sorry if I have seemed anti-social...not on purpose.  I will be turning forty next week.  Not sure what I will be doing for the day.  The hubby has the day after off from work so that he doesn't have to go to bed so early.  I think something quiet will be in order;)  Wish I could go on a road trip, but both the vehicles need some TLC  before we can do that.

Hopefully next time I write I will have some pictures of projects to share;)
Happy Quilting!!


Liriopia said...

Good to know you are still out there. Happy Birthday, even if a little early. I know the comments problem. Sometimes blogger will not accept my comments either. Have no idea why not.


---"Love" said...

Well, Happy Birthday WEEK to you! Sounds like the zoo connection will be very interesting! Good luck with the program. No doubt the experience will be a good one for your son too. Good to hear from you! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

Sounds like the trip to the zoo was a great time. Forty is a wonderful age -- I remember it well! I hope you have a very happy birthday.


canuckquilter said...

Happy birthday coming up! I've been a docent at various places and it was a wonderful experience. It sounds like the zoo has a really decent training program for it too, so I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday a bit early! Enjoy your day. Volunteering at the zoo sounds like lots of fun and a great learning experience for everyone. Maybe your son will even get some ideas about a future career. For the Blogger problem with messages, try this. Sign off, then when you sign in again, don't check the box for "keep me signed in". I was having trouble leaving comments and I read on someone else's blog about the box. It seems to have worked for me. It is a pain signing in each time I want to get into Blogger but I can now leave comments. Hope that helps!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!!
The program at the zoo sounds like such fun. I went to college near a zoo and went there a lot. Just love all the animals and learning about them. Enjoy.

Katie said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Your hubby's face is priceless. The zoo training sounds like lots of fun. Will you be showing photos of the quilts you mentioned? You've got me curious! And I hope you get the Blogger thing straightened out. Let us know if we need to change our formatting!