Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

David is at work again.  The boy is still asleep.  A few moments to have some peace and quiet before the day starts.

It's the 4th of July.  Cool.  We won't be doing anything like bbqing or such, but it is nice to stop and recognize the holiday anyway.

I remember going to a 4th of July celebration on the base back in Okinowa.  I think I was about 6 or so, not exactly sure.  I remember all the military families converging on the green for the show.  Blankets all over the place, little kids running around, bbq food smells in the air.  It was a wonderful day.  At dark, everybody settled into their spots and the show started.

The whole place stood up and saluted when they played the star spangled banner.  That's one thing I do remember.  When we were in the company of other military people, no one questioned anybody's faith or commitment to the country.  It was obvious that you stood up for your country because you were there.  We didn't have to debate the fact.  We didn't have arm chair politics.  We didn't have to declare our political affiliation.  We served our country.  The whole family served.

To this day I don't appreciate it when my conviction and faith to my country are questioned because I am not visibly patriotic.  I'm not a flag waver.  I'm not an arm chair politician.  And I don't vote when it doesn't matter.  But I will bear arms if my country is threatened....on our own soil.  I will willingly send my husband and son to war to protect the country we call home.  I will sacrifice my comforts to support our freedom.  That's what a patriot does.

I do think we need to remember all of those that made this country possible and our freedom real.  The process that took us to freedom extended beyond the battle lines we read about in text books or visit on holiday.  Our freedom took backbreaking work on farms that fed us.  It took the bravery of setting sail to a country we had to populate in order to establish.  It took the ingenuity of common folk to figure out how to be strong in an established world.  It took the curiosity of explorers to venture out and see just what we were working with.  It took women standing faithful and tall to back up the men and children that were sent off to fight for our freedom.

Presidents will come and go.  Economies will flourish and fail.  Ideologies will clash and evolve.  But what remains consistent through all of this is that we are Americans.  Cliche....United we stand.  Divided we fall.  It is something we need to take seriously right now, and forever more.

Happy 4th of July, and may freedom forever ring.


---"Love" said...

Great post! This country and our freedom surely did require men and women of great courage; it still does, and will as long as our nation survives! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

Another thought provoking post. You should not have to defend your style, and that includes your style of patriotism. Now, I am a proud Canadian, and we just celebrated our country's 144th birthday on July 1, but my house is not adorned with Canadiana. Flag waving is just not my style.

There is a citizenship ceremony in nearly every major city in Canada on July 1, and I love reading about these new citizens, from all over the world, who have chosen Canada as their home. I love my country, just don't expect me to shout it from the rooftops.


Marsha said...

Well said! Freedon is not free and we all need to protect our freedoms. My husband is retired military and we do fly a flag everyday and have a second one out for special holidays. I have several red, white and blue quilts but I don't have many other decorations out. We are just kicking back and relaxing today, this evening we have a party to go to for a friend who is in town for a few days. Enjoy your 4th!

Beth said...

I grew up as a military dependant too. I volunteered in a military hospital during the Vietman years. I am not a flag waver either. But I respect all the hard work it took to create this country. I appreciate every man and woman who have served this country and those who are still serving under horrible conditions.
I believe that as a nation we need to get back to hard work and we need to relearn to work together in order to overcome some of the challenges we are facing now.
Happy 4th of July.

seventhsister26 said...

Well said, ladies;) Happy 4th!!