Friday, June 24, 2011

It has been of massive flurry of  "hurry and pack" and "sloth to the max" here the last week or so.  We move into the new place this coming week.  I have most of the stuff packed up and the boys have been moving anything in boxes down to the storage unit we rented.  We only have a couple of days to get from the old place to the new one, and even though it is only across the complex we figured the less we have to haul out of here the better.  Once we get into the new place, we can unload the storage unit at leisure, so to speak.

In the mean are a few photos I have to share....

Found this chair in the "recycling" area here in the complex.  Super comfy.  After I do some cleaning on it, it will be my "sit by the window and sew" chair;)

Oscar doing his part in the moving process;)

This is the first installment in what will ultimately be another tattoo quilt.  

I made this a few weeks ago from the stuff I picked up in Oregon.  Just a little pincushion;)

Back side put together with recycled jeans and scraps.

This is what I am going to work on this weekend. I figured I needed something to keep my occupied besides cleaning house;)

Anyway, dinner is almost done and I need to get to work on that project;)
Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

I don't envy your moving, but it might be more fun than what I'm doing this week! *Sigh* ---"Love"

Sandy said...

It sounds like you are incredibly well organized. I would be tearing my hair out at this point. I love the pincushion, and I love that Oscar is doing his part for the move. Have fun working on your new project!


canuckquilter said...

You sound well organized, and even worked in something you enjoy. It should be a pretty smooth move out/in!

Katie said...

Sloth to the max...I like that! I don't envy you moving, but it will be over soon and you can work on settling back in. The bird embroidery is cool, I'd be willing to bet the quilt is going to be awesome! Enjoy your sewing time!

Beth said...

The thought of moving makes me break out in a rash. LOL You sound totally organized and ready to go. Getting a storage unit is a great idea. Like you said then you can unpack a bit at a time and also not be tripping over boxes while you are trying to get things unpacked.
Good luck

a good yarn said...

I think the cat and the MOTH have the right idea - staying out of harm's way when a woman is getting things donne *chuckle*. Your pincushion looks terrific and that's quite an interesting stash/project. Ann :-)

Marsha said...

Hope your move goes OK and it cools down a bit for that! Getting the storage unit is a great idea, I will file that away in case I need to move again one day. The pin cushion is adorable. Your next project looks so interesting, can't wait to see it!