Monday, October 18, 2010

UFO's out of the Closet

With all the projects I have churning in my little head, I started getting a bit dizzy trying to figure out which one to work on next.  Those new Halloween prints I picked up are still trying to figure out what they are going to become.  And someone here (can't remember who exactly) went and counted out how many Saturday's we have until Christmas....that was almost mean!!  LOL!!  No really, it's time to start prioritizing.

So, I decided I needed to get this one basted and ready to go....
I can't decide whether to machine or hand quilt this one, but it's basted and ready for whenever I make up my mind;)

While I was basting this one, I realized that I was running low on safety pins.  Why?  Because I forgot that I had another one basted that needed to be done....

This was put together just to get the odds and ends that I had used in other quilts put together in a useful form.  And yes, I'm just tieing it.  It's going to be used for road trips, camping, and guests that wouldn't understand why we don't do certain things in our quilts.  Probably too much information there, but hey, you think of these things after you have teenagers!!  LOL;)

I've been looking around the apartment, and with the holiday season coming up (aka deco lights, candles, fireplaces, etc.), I have been considering getting renters insurance.  Everything we own is in this place, and I would cry if something happened and it was all gone and we weren't able to replace even the most basics of personal belongings, not to mention the irreplaceable things like pictures and memorabilia.  So that's on my to do list this week...photograph, list, and categorize all of our belongings and go get quotes from places.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your day and do something you enjoy;)
Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Make a list of all your UFOs. It may look a little cruel when it's done, but it always helps motivate me. And it gives me a place to start when I'm overwhelmed otherwise. And you feel really awesome when you start crossing stuff off the list! (Go ahead, do a happy dance too...noone is looking!) Have fun getting insurance - yucky process but a good idea.

Beth said...

Good idea getting the insurance. Might be kinda fun to photograph your stuff.

I like listing all my projects too...sometimes the list just scares me. LOL

---"Love" said...

My advice would be to get the insurance first, and then quilt! I can't imagine being without it! If you are in an apartment, you have fire exposure from all the other tennants too! Consider not burning candles! They are the cause of most fires, especially during the holidays! (Okay; sermon over! *wink*)
You are making such good progress on all your projects! I'm envious that you have so much time, and I can't even pick up a needle lately! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

I love the jungle animals quilt -- the colours are great. I wish my sewing room closet held treasures like yours. Obviously, insurance is the way to go.

(Your daughter's baby girl name is lovely. Does she have a baby boy name as well?)