Friday, September 24, 2010

On With The Tedious Part of This Project....

I managed to get all the blocks for my Street Party quilt trimmed up and sewn together.  I auditioned the red and black....
I liked it, but not enough to use it this time.

I think the black really works with this one.  It sets the center apart from the party, but keeps it together.

And now for the fun!!  Not.  I was using the seam ripper to pull the foundation off of the blocks, but they were starting to warp...everything's on the bias.  So, I'm poking a hole in the foundation and then gently running the blade of the scissors down the length of the seam.  Hopefully it will keep the warping to a minimum, and I will only have to fix a couple of tenting spots.  I'll keep you posted, of course;)

I've been reading the comments left on my latest blogs:

To Love: One of these days I will actually go out and get some of those color catchers;)

To Katie:  You can come over and play anytime!!

To Beth:  Yes, I did leave some clothes at my mom's house in order to get all that fabric home;)  And bought another suitcase from the local thrift store to make sure I got it all!;)  As for the tattoo work....yeah, I plan on adding this....

I've been wanting this one done for years.  I will have it cleaned up and drawn out a little better.  I'm also thinking of adding an old world map with the Asian and North American coastlines.  All in due time.

To Liriopia:  Where do I find all these novelty prints?  JoAnn's alot lately, but I scan the quilt shops for novelty stuff all the time.  I figure I can spend my top dollar on stuff like that, and then wait for sale's to find "fillers", aka tone on tone stuff.  I figure with as fast as the market moves these days, if I don't buy it when I see it, it won't be there when I want it;)

I've got to get on with my day here.  We are pulling out Halloween decor, sorting through boxes, and have plans for another bike ride later this afternoon.

Take care, and Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Yup, the black does it. And the tattoo art is cool - did you do that? (If you did, consider me in awe!)

seventhsister26 said...

No, I wish I had done that art. I found it through a vendor on Etsy!;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

Love the art work for the tat. My daughter has a lot of nice ink. (It drives her dad a little crazy, LOL).
I really like the black in your quilt, it does just what you want it to do!
I'm not sure if you got my email, it was before you left to see your kids (baby included in there), anyway I made the pupmkin and wondered if it is ok if I post a photo?

Happy stitching.

Liriopia said...

Oh, so glad you got that comment. I have tried to leave comments on the last couple of your posts and kept getting some kind of error report. They wouldn't take. I went to JoAnn's yesterday (first time in a long time) and found nothing like what you find. Maybe it is geographical? But you are quite right, you gotta buy it when you see it! Love that new quilt.


Stash Heaven said...

That fabric and the black is perfect for your quilt! Just got back from JoAnn's and almost laughed out loud when I saw the bolt--it is certainly recognizable. Wonder if Liri wants some? Mary

---"Love" said...

The black will be perfect. I didn't paper piece my strip quilt; I used cheap muslin instead. Of course, I may live to regret that when the quilting begins, with muslin and all those seams! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Yes, for the black. Yes, for Street Party and wow, that's a fantastic dragon.