Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally decided to get on with some quilting.  Yay!!!
I'm not going to fiddle with these pictures anymore.  For some reason they loaded sideways.  Figure I will just go with it and get this post done before I lose focus again:)

(Sorry for the sideways views.)
I got the inspiration for this quilt while laying under the trees staring up at the sky on a picnic last year with the Old Man.  I know that green and blue aren't supposed to go together in a quilt, but I don't care much for color rules:) 
I went geometric with it even though the inspiration was organic because looking up I could see the patterns randomness created.
It took me almost a full season to finally find a proper backing for it.   I was originally piecing the back out of left over strips from the front, but it just wasn't working.  I wondered over to Joann's and happened upon a sale.  I spotted the fabric and knew it was perfect.  Took what was on the bolt (5 yards + a remnant).  Very happy with my choice.  It modernizes the front...I've been collecting this fabric for years.  I see all the "modern" quilt fabrics and think to myself...."There's no way I can give up my stash (too much $$ invested), but how to I bring my quilts up to the times?"  Backings!!
Any who....winding down here:)  I really hope to do this more often (quilt + blog).  It's been ages since I've been consistent with any of my creative stuff.
Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

I seem to remember that as a kid, blue was never put with green, but that was a long time ago, and everything has changed! Indeed, I think your color combination is great for this quilt, and the backing as well! Good to see your creative juices flowing again! Now if I could just get mine going.---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

I had no idea we weren't *supposed to* pair blue with green! I've been breaking the rules without knowing it. I love that combo! Welcome back to the blog. Nice to see you quilting again:)

a good yarn said...

Love, love, love this quilt and the backing is fantastic! Definitely worth the wait to find it. What brand is that fur-covered iron you are using? Does it do the job?

Ruth said...

At least kitty wasn't sideways! I love the colors and the backing.