Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I have been up to....

Still nothing on the quilt front, but I have gotten this in the works.....  I still have alot of stuff to do to it, but it is a start. 

What brought me to this?  I put out 30+ applications last month and got one whole interview out of it.  I had the interview last Thursday and got my rejection letter on Monday.  Everyone I have applied to is 1) on a hiring freeze, 2) too far to warrant driving that far and making a profit on my paycheck, or 3) so entry level that I am "over qualified" to work at.

So, instead of giving up, I am rearranging.  Myself that is.  It is a slow, frustrating, labor intensive process, but it's moving along. 

You may be asking..."What about the quilt classes?"  Nobody has the money.  Well, some do, but not enough to warrant the time and resources that goes into putting a class together for me right now.  Yes, I have a mega stash (I won't even front on that one), several sewing machines, all the supplies to go with it, and a vast imagination.  But, I don't have the cash.  Not begging or crying here.  Just stating a fact. 

I DO have (finally, thanks to the settlement that I got from un-named-company-that-I-worked-for-in-the-past-that-also-got-us-to-Oregon-thank-you-very-much) the digital camera that will give people the impression that I know what I am doing (lol....even with all the talent in the world, it doesn't look impressive when you show up with a point and shoot...perception is everything), a laptop, and 25 years worth of experience.  And, from what I can tell, a unique outlook on things.  Not tooting my own horn here, but then again maybe.  I hate boasting.  But sometimes it is okay to say that you are good at something.

Long story short...I am making the best of my circumstances. 

Oh, and I had a little chit chat with the neighbor downstairs.  Seems he is willing to share his yard to grow a garden.  AWESOME!!!!  I was drooling over the space and sunlight that he gets.  We are going to build some raised planters, gather seeds and soil, surf freecyclesalem, and reap the benefits of cooperation;)  Good stuff;)

I guess the point of my post is that quilting, and my life experiences (aka hard times) have led me to be a bit more creative, resourceful, and open minded than I might have been.  Whenever I get to the point where I am feeling "less than privileged" I recall the stories and lives of women in eras gone by.  Washboards, buckboards.  Traveling over sea and land to make a dream and a life come true.  Making do with what was on hand or that could be gathered from the lands that surrounded, and separated, them. 

If I have learned anything from this second recession in my adulthood it is that I can survive.  And do so well.  I can do it if I remind myself that my needs are met, my wantings are few, and that I am surrounded by people that I love and love me back.  I have a circle of friends that understand, but do not pander or pity me. 

Life is good. 


---"Love" said...

I have no doubt you will achieve this new(?)goal for your life! I've yet to see you fail at whatever you pursue. BTW, your new blog looks great! Best wishes! ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

Good luck with your new endeavour! The photos you posted on your new site are gorgeous.

Katie said...

Boy do I hear you about the job search. Everyone talks about how there aren't jobs out there - oh yes, they're out there. Getting an interview is the hard part. The job I have made my hubby crazy - pay cut, part-time, not using the skills I'd quit my old job to learn - he kept telling me I had to find another job with better pay and more hours. As though it was just that easy. (He's relaxed some now that I'm full-time.) So I feel for you and know I got really, really lucky to be working at such a great place (even if I have to trim the budget, the people make it worth the trouble). Your photos are wonderful and I particularly love the bridge ones, but I guess I'm partial to black and white (who'd have known considering the quilts I make!). Good luck. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to. How far from Portland are you? (I have a cousin in a band there - he might be interested in someone doing some promotional photography...if it's close enough, I'll pass your info along!)

Ruth said...

I know you will eventually reach your goals - you are very resilient! Experience, creativity and a willingness to work without the "poor me" attitude that a lot of people have, will stand you in good stead. It is always good to realize that people have gone through a lot worse than what we have. I watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" last night and it shows what a person can accomplish with lots of hard work and stick-to-it-ness (is that a word?). Good luck!

Liriopia said...

Here's a thought! Have you tried a temporary agency? Interviews are hard to get, but temps just walk right in and start working. If it is the right fit, they get hired first! I have a story to tell, hopefully will post this weekend.


Beth said...

Your photos are amazing. That peacock is mesmerizing. If I had taken the photo the poor thing would have no head. I wish you great success.
I hope you will add a link to the photo site on your blog.
Will you ship photos once you are a bit more set up?

a good yarn said...

Your post is inspiring. In the face of adversity you have re-evaluated yourself and are shining bright. Being adaptable to the circumstnaces in which you find yourself is the key to making your way. Your photographs are beautiful. Keep looking for the oportunities - they are out there. ann :-)