Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Passing the Word on About This.....

I got the link to this from the quilt group I participate in here locally.  Seems the lady's quilt has gone missing after a photography session for the cover of Quilter's Newsletter.  Here are a  couple of links..

The first link is from the quilt group, the second an article with a video from a paper in her area.

I would cry if I lost a quilt like that.

Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

No doubt the owner/maker is crying too! That is so-o-o sad! Giving a nice quilt away is one thing and sometimes bittersweet, but having such a beautiful one stolen is a heart-breaking event! I hope the quilt is found and returned to the owner, and that the thief is caught and brought to justice! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

This is a far too common occurence. I wnder how many such thefts are prosecuted. How on Earth can you protect your quilt under such circumstances? Let's hope there is a happy ending to this one. Ann :-)