Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Get a Light Box like No Other, or My Anniversary Present from the Hubby;)

So, here I am...fussing at the window trying to tape up a pattern and then a quilt on top of it to trace some embroidery designs.  "I need a light table!!"  I did some research online for prices and such, and came to the conclusion that I could make one.  Well, put correctly, the hubby could make one;)

The next morning we head off in search of goods to put one together.  After a trip around in circles, a couple of surplus stores, the ReStore, and Home Depot, this is what we came up with....
Of course, you guys know me....just a little "quirky" in my taste of goodies;)  I love this box!!  We paid $20 for it the surplus store.

It's a good thing I am not worried about ruining good furniture;) 

We found some hardwood flooring at the ReStore for $2.  The electrical set up was looking to be a whopping $50 at the Home Depot, so I set out to find a junk lamp to pull off the electrical set up.  Found one for $5.

Prepping for painting.....sprayed the inside light section bright white ($1 at the Depot).  The compartment that is covered on the left side there is for drawing supplies, and where the light switch is, along with where the cord can be tucked in when not in use.

We found a piece of plexiglass on the cheap at the surplus store ($8 compared to $16 at the Home Depot).  He sprayed it with spray-on frost ($5 at the Depot).

Proud of a very cool project...priceless!!;)

So, for just over $40 I have the coolest light table EVER!!!  I have my eye on an old military desk for my new sewing table for when we move into the new apartment next month...who knows what tricks it will learn to do;)

It is our anniversary today, so I will say fare well for the day.  The boy is going over to a freinds house for the night and the hubby and I are going for a sunset hike.

Happy Quilting!!


seventhsister26 said...

From the Hubby: Nothing but the best for you Momma! Love you! Happy 10 year Anniversary!!

Katie said...

Happy anniversary! And happy new light box, too! That definitely looks interesting...I still fuss with the window-taping method. Enjoy your sunset hike and evening alone with the hubby!

Marsha said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your evening of hiking and alone time. The light box is great! I've been thinking of making one, I'm getting tired of taping everything to the sliding glass door. It only works in the daytime!

Liriopia said...

Well done! I've priced lightboxes and they are expensive. Happy Anniversary! A sunset "walk", huh? Is that code?


---"Love" said...

Neat idea for the light box! Congrats on the anniversary. Enjoy the hike and your evening with such a helpful hubby! ---"Love"

Beth said...

Great light box, creative and 'green'. Hope you have a great anniversary!

canuckquilter said...

Happy anniversary :) Enjoy that really cool light box.

LynCC said...

What an awesome anniversary gift!!!