Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back from Being Away;)

Hello everybody!!;)  I pulled into the complex around 3 in the morning yesterday after a very fun, event filled getaway.  I have tons of pictures, picked bunches of quilty loot, and great memories;)  Mom got an itch for a road trip, so we headed for the Oregon coast again, the long way;)

I haven't had time to unpack yet.....getting my house in order from being gone.... so I don't have any pictures of my loot yet.  But I will share the grandbaby and road trip photos up this time;)  Hope you enjoy;)

Getting used to grandma being there;)

Helping grandma do the dishes;)

I think he is part ham;)

First time at the lake....loved it!!!!

Us Girls at Lake Frenchman, CA.  Three generations;)

Mom made cookies......YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!! I will have to share her recipe soon;)

We rented a car for the road trip.  We saved SO much money on gas it wan't even funny.  We made the cost of the rental up the first day alone.  That, and it was fun to drive!!

Quiltworks, Bend Oregon...super fun store with a gallery upstairs with a rotating display of local quilters.  Really worth the stop.

Our reason for heading back to Oregon...Mo's;)  Not fine dining by any means, but a true greasy seafood diner.  If you ever go there, try the Shark Bite....super Yummy;)

Sand!!!  Beach sand at that!!  Bare feet!!!  Happiness!!!!

Florence, Oregon.  They have so many of these cool bridges;)

Oh, yeah...forgot the stop in Sisters, Oregon.  In my opinion....if you want to say that you have been there, go ahead and stop by.  As far as quilt shops go, I would rate it a 5.  Not impressed.  At all.  I will talk more about my experience in the next blog.  The shops in Bend were much more fun than this one.

The restaurant I want to buy.  Really.  But dreams are okay.  You wouldn't believe the price on this.

Winchester Bay....I fell in love with this place. I will be back to live there soon. Clearest water I have seen in the years I have been back in the States.

Will pose for chips!!!

Lupine on the coast.  It is sooooo green there it's amazing!!

Oregon coast...late afternoon.

Self portait at sunset, Oregon Coast.

Not the greatest picture, but it's Mount Shasta.  She was shedding her hat of clouds for us as we pulled into the area.

We headed back out of Oregon, taking a side trip into Lassen National Park.  Needless to say, this was the end of this particular branch of the trip. We stopped for lunch, and then headed back the way we came.

Lassen National Park.  Beautiful.

Rented another car for the ride home.  In the distance is where some of my fondest childhood memories developed.

I am home.  I have fallen officially in love with Oregon.  I felt good, healthy, and alive.  I know I talked about this last year, but I had to go back and make sure that it wan't just infatuation.  As soon as we can pull up roots here, we are gone.

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour;)  I will blog on the quilty stuff in the next entry.  Hope everyone is well, and Happy Quilting!!


Liriopia said...

Gorgeous pictures! I can see why you fell in love with Oregon. Your grandson is so cute, I could just eat him up! Wonderful trip!


Katie said...

I was just wondering where you'd gone to! Such fantastsic pictures. Absolutely adorable grandson. The scenery is to die for (can I go along next time - except I don't want to drive an HHR - I have and they have a blind spot the size of a semi...literally!). The quilt shops look like loads of fun to visit, even if they're not as good as you wanted. And the food...mmm! Welcome home!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

What a little darling! Aren't grandkids great?!? The pictures of OR are wonderful! We are heading there on Monday, via California. Plan to spend about a month with DS and BIL, also go to the Sisters quilt show. I agree with your assessment of the shop. I always stop there when we go past (the route is between DS & BIL), but usually don't buy much, if anything. We want to move there eventually also.

---"Love" said...

Gorgeous area! I loved it the first time I was up there too, but I don't like winter snow that much! I can understand why it would be the perfect place for you --- memories, hiking, and most of all, the grandson! What a cutie he is! Get on with the move! The internet works there too! We won't lose you! *grin* ---"Love"

LynCC said...

OK, my favorite outdoor shot is the seagull posing for chips :)

Marsha said...

Your grandson is adorable! What a cutie pie! Loved your pictures, too. We are headed to Oregon next month to visit kids and grandkids. That's our first reason for going, Mo's is the second, we love Mo's, too. We usually go to the one in Lincoln City since it is the closest to Salem. My husband has eaten in all the Mo's locations up and down the coast. After seeing your pictures we are even more excited about the trip. I'll have to check out some quilt shops this visit. Glad you shared your pictures, can't wait to see more!

Sandy said...

That little man of yours is gorgeous. Grandkids are the best!
It looks like you had a wonderful road trip, and made lots of great memories. Looking forward to pictures of your loot.