Monday, February 21, 2011

I lost a day again;)  I was thinking for some reason today was Sunday....oh, my...senility is setting in;) LOL;)  Just hand me a bottle of strawberry wine, and lock me in behind the garden gate;)

No, really...I got to get outside a bit this past week....
I've been a shooter since I can remember;)  I used to go hunting with my father way back when.  My first hunting trip.....6 weeks old.  Now before anybody gets upset about animal rights and such, I have strict morals about actual hunting.  If you are going to kill it, you had better eat it.  I think trophy hunting is absurd.  Most times, I go out just to keep the aiming skills up.  And it is kind of hard to eat beer bottles;)

We got out to a new hiking spot this past Tuesday.  I think we like bushwhacking....we have a tendency to get off trail our here in the Open Space. 

I threw these little clutches together this week too.  I sent my mom a photo of the one with the Woody...she called me up 2 minutes later and asked how much I would charge her for it;)  I said "Silly, I made that for you!!"  She loves Woodies;)

I'm still quilting here.  Working on the star quilt I showed you guys last week.  I should have the top done tonight.  I decided to tone it down a bit, I think.  I'll post a photo when I am done;)

To all, a great night, and Happy Quilting!!


---"Love" said...

Must be nice to be able to see such beautiful places in nature so close to home! The little bags are cute, and a nice size. ---"Love"

---"Love" said...

One more thing --- do you think maybe you should look where you are shooting???? *giggle* (Just kidding!) ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

Ah, your pictures look so warm! We just got another 5 inches of snow. Love the little bags, especially the pink one.


Katie said...

Again with the beautiful scenery. It's WHITE here! (Please come soon, spring!) The little bags are great, too.

Marsha said...

Glad to see you got outside to play for a while. We have had some nice days for a change. Your little bags are so cute. Once I get my monster quilt finished I want to work on some small projects. These are great, I like the Woody, too!

Beth said...

Your photos look so pretty and warm. We got more snow too. Bleckkkk.
Your little clutches are very cute. I have a small stack of fabric waiting to be clutches too.
Hopeyou feel better soon, both of you.