Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo Project 2011, Day 4...and A Bit of Outside

Jan 4, 2011 "Weather on Sandia Mountain"

We took off hiking yesterday to grab a geocache that had been on our list for about a month or so.  I checked the weather before I made the plans....all clear, as so they said.

By the time we got there, it was snowing pretty hard.  I had the hubby set a waypoint on the GPS just in case it got to white out conditions before we got back.  We were determined to get out and do some sort of hiking today!!!!

Me on the trail;)

About 20 minutes into the hike, the sky cleared up.  We got to the geocache, signed the log, and headed back to the truck. 

Family Portrait;)

I love the clouds in this picture, and the sunshine that lit the place up.  We've learned over the years that the weather here really does change by the minute sometimes.  Hopefully we will get out more this year.  Last year was hard because of the feet issue, but with each day it gets a little better;)

Happy Adventuring!!


---"Love" said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! ---"Love"

Katie said...

Goergous pictures! They say where I live if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, but it's usually more like 12 hours before things really change. You, however, really do seem to only have to wait 5 minutes! And such beautiful scenery regardless makes me jealous.

Marsha said...

I love your pictures! We were out running errands yesterday. We left at 12:30, had lunch, made our three stops and were headed home by 3:00 pm. It was sunny when we left, got cloudy, started to snow and by time we were headed for home, it was a blizzard! The sun came back out about a half hour after we got home. It was a great day!

Sandy said...

We have a similar saying here about waiting five minutes (if you don't like the weather). It has something to do with the mountains being so close at hand.

Your pictures are beautiful! I'm glad your feet are co-operating.


canuckquilter said...

I absolutely love your Day 4 picture! Those clouds are amazing. I'm glad your feet are still implroving and letting you get back to what you love to do.

Liriopia said...

Such cool pictures! The clouds are awesome. What's a geocache?


Beth said...

Fantastic pictures. That photo with the clouds and the sun is really cool. looks like you had a good day.

Windsom Winds said...

What beautiful pictures. Reminds me of the whether when I used to live in Colorado. Went to class one day in shorts and it was snowing when I walked out two hours later. That was a long walk home. Glad your's was enjoyable! We need to get out and do some more geocaching soon too!