Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting My Train Back on the Tracks;)

I'm feeling much better today...that's good;)  I finished the antibiotics yesterday, and took myself off the inhaler.  I did some research on the subject of asthma and bronchitis....there is so much more I can do to treat the root problem instead of just masking it with medications.  It will take some time, but I'll do it.  I didn't like what I was reading about the long term effects of the steroid treatment the doctor was starting me on.  I will discuss my findings and decisions with him next time I see him.

On the same subject, but in a different circumstance....I was on my way home on the bus last night when I started into a coughing fit (the stuff was finally breaking loose from my chest).  I didn't have anything to rinse my throat out with (I got that itch that just makes you cough like crazy trying to fix it), and it just wasn't getting any better.  I started hearing people making comments about it, and decided to bail off the bus.  I got off at the next stop, still coughing my head off, and dealing with the "mom bladder".  I wasn't very happy at all.

So there I was, standing by the side of the road, in a dark place, coughing my head off, peeing my pants, wondering how in the he*% I was going to get home now.....when I heard someone yelling my name.  Great, now I'm hearing things....going crazy on top of it all!!  I heard my name again, looked up into traffic...and saw my friend yelling out her car window!!  I ran (still coughing) over to her car, opened the door, and jumped in.  I don't think I've been so grateful to see a friend in a very long time. 

She asked me what in the world I was doing out there, I explained, she said she was glad she came by, and I said so was I.  She drove me home and I invited her up for a cup of tea and some conversation.  We spent some time catching up and then she went out to finish her errands and go home.

Serendipity;)  Good stuff;)

On to quilty stuff.....

This is a pile of quarter yard cuts that I washed recently.  They raveled like crazy and wrinkled up like mad.  So I'm spending the morning ironing this stuff.  I'm still working on UFO's.  It might be the beginning of the year before I get anything new started.  I've resisted buying anything from work, which has been really hard.  But, I have alot.  And I'm thankful for that;)

My son is due here next week.  I have to stock up on groceries before he gets here...he's still growing, and can eat like no other;)  I remember those days;)

Hope all is well with everyone, and Happy Quilting!!


canuckquilter said...

Aren't friends great? Friends with good timing are evn better :) Take care of yourself. Enjoy finishing up a few UFO's.

Katie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, minus the coughing fit. I've had those and I end up almost throwing up with them. Yuck!

The stack of fabrics looks like fun, even if you do have to iron it. Keep showing us those UFOs and we'll keep cheering you on!

Have fun with your son next week.

Marsha said...

I use to get those coughing fits when I caught a cold. Hate them, they just won't let go. I always try to carry some peppermints or butterscotch hard candy in my purse, just in case. It seems to help some. Glad your friend came along, dark, cold and a long way from home isn't any fun!

Have fun playing with your UFO's. Once they are finished up, you can work on some new stuff!

Enjoy your son for the holidays!

Sandy said...

After reading this post I am more determined than ever to NOT catch a cold again this year. (I was sick for a month in January.) Glad you are feeling better. As for the friend -- that's what friends are for.

Growing boys can eat you out of the house, but it does a mother's heart good, too.


---"Love" said...

Glad you're feeling better! One thing for sure; we can never have too many friends, especially those who come to our aid when we need it most! Do enjoy your time with your son! ---"Love"

Beth said...

Glad that you are feeling better.
I have those coughing spells too, what a pain. Good timing on your friend's part.
Enjoy having your son with you!