Friday, November 19, 2010

Out and About, and Bit of This and That

Yep, that's me...out on the trail;)  Finally!!  The weather was so wonderful this week, and my allergies were behaving, so I hit the trail.  I couldn't resist anymore.  I got out there twice this week on top of my yoga session (where I fell over twice in the middle of standing poses..LOL) and my regular walk.  You wouldn't know, but I've lost enough weight to where I don't look as "puffy" as I did before.  Being off work for a year, and off your feet most of that, doesn't do much for your figure.  But I'm working on changing that;)

Other than that....guess who's going back to work???  That would be me!!  LOL;)  I start today.  I'm a bit nervous, but I'll get over it;)  And take a wild guess where?!?  Let's just say I will need to leave my bankcards at home when I go to work or I will wind up spending more than I make!  LOL:)

The kids are settled into their new apartment.  Between all the parents and one grandma, they have all the stuff needed to set up house.  Now all they have to do is keep the bills paid...easier said than done, of course;)  I sent her the potholders that I got finished...she loves them;)  I have a set of placemats almost finished. 

Anyway, I've got things to do this morning before I head out for my first day on the job;)
Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm sure we all know how difficult that can be. And congrats on the job! I'm guessing local quilt shop? Just remember: shop your stash first! (And a little treat here and there isn't bad.) I hope this job goes better than the last one.

Sandy said...

Congratulations to you! Glad you are feeling better. (Your weather looks perfect.)


Liriopia said...

Congrats on everything!


Beth said...

Congrats a ndgood luck on the new job! Congrats on the weight loss too, it isn't easy.