Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy..going in Circles;)

I have no idea where the last few days have gone.  I know I went to bow shooting this past Friday with hubby, which was enjoyable.  I need to get out an practice more;)  I know I went grocery shopping because there is food in the house.  I know I paid the bills because the lights are still on.  But, as for anything else, I'm not really sure where the time went;)

My daughter moved into her first apartment this weekend.  She was so excited that her and her little blooming family now have their own space.  She's out shopping right now for new goodies;)  I am also making her some potholders and such.  She has two color themes and white for special occasions, and blue/yellow for everyday stuff;)
This is the stuff I picked out for her "fancy" stuff.  The polka dots are going for the backs of everything.

I had to dig through almost all of my stash to find enough blues and yellows to put something together.

This stuff is taking longer than I expected to get together.  Not really sure why.  Maybe it's because I want to make sure she likes it;)

I got another quilt less thing to do on the UFO list.  But I am going to have to put that list away for a bit as things are starting to need to get made for upcoming events.  All the stuff on my UFO list can wait because none of is meant for any particular reason.  I think that makes sense;)

Well, I really need to get on with some other stuff that needs to get done.  Hope everyone is well;)
Happy Quilting!!


a good yarn said...

I really like the fabrics you have chosen - great prints. It's fun moving into your own place - you get to play house for real! Congratulations on finishing another UFO. Ann :-)

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I'm sure your daughter will love your gifts for her new home! It's always fun to set up a new home.

Sandy said...

I know what you mean -- we babysat our two grandsons this past weekend (the older boy just turned four and the little guy will be two in February). The weekend was a blur of meals and baths and lots of playing on hands and knees (ouch).

I am so happy for your daughter and her family. This is such a fun and exciting time for them. (Lots of work, too, but you can handle that when you are young.) I like the fabrics you have chosen, and I'm sure she will love everything that you make. Good luck with all your projects!


Beth said...

So exciting for your daughter and her family. All the fabrics you chose are really great. She will be very happy having such nice pieces to use.
Keep stitching! :)

canuckquilter said...

I'm sure your daughter will love the pieces you are making for her first nest. Good luck with all your projects.

---"Love" said...

I lost last week too, even though I know I had a good time in Branson! Now if I could just get this week to disappear! Glad to hear the good news from your daughter and your projects! ---"Love"