Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Working on Swap Blocks

Thought I would share something a little less gruesome than screws in feet tonight....
I thought I had some more of these swap blocks ready to go, but I guess not.  So, here's one set.  I should have them all done by this Thursday and have them mailed off.

It's been a quiet night...that's a good thing considering yesterday.  The boy says his foot is swollen and his toes hurt.  I told him it's going to hurt for a bit.  I explained to him it's not like he stepped on a tack...he's got some decent trauma to the foot.  That screw was in there for a good five hours or so.  Add to that...the DR. had to numb it up, so the needle pokes are going to add to the discomfort and swelling that he is experiencing. 

And on other news fronts, I told my new employer where they could put their job.  I signed up for a certain part time schedule so my feet could work into working again and they had me working 8+ hour shifts, telling me that I had to work that much...it's company policy to work until the work is done.  I'm sorry, but if you tell someone that they are hired for a certain schedule you keep to that.  You don't hire someone, change the terms and then tell them to take it or leave it.  In my case, I told them I can leave it.  I've been working long enough and have a solid idea of what I expect from a work environment and what they can expect from me that I really don't have to put up with any B.S. at this point.  Consider it a right of maturity.  I'm claiming it.

So, after a long conversation with my mother, I am headed to my daughter's house towards the end of this month.  I have a feeling from what she (my daughter) has said that she could use the help.  I figure this will be my last chance for a while as I will actually need go back to work when I get home.  Some may say that I am being a doting grandmother/mother, but let them think what they want.  Too often in modern society we are forced to put our families second or worst. I'm taking back my right to be a mother, wife, and now, grandmother.  I serve a higher, more apprecitated position when I tend to those needs.  Corporate America can kiss my a**.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening...I know it's sort of soapbox material, but I think that the group here understands the deeper importance of family over finances.

To all, a good night of quilting, and a great day of family.
Happy Quilting!!


Liriopia said...

Hey, I am with you on the job front. You would think companies would have caught on by now. I am back on the job hunt myself. The circumstances are different, but there are some basics that are involved, too.


Christine said...

What's wrong with a doting mother/grandmother? I think its wonderful you're going to have the chance to spend time with her and then new baby. Good for you for standing up for yourself at work!! :)
Oh- and the blocks are very nice!! :) Christine

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Good for you! It's good you found out right away what kind of company it was so you didn't waste any more of your time on them. Besides, your daughter needs you right now. It is overwhelming to become a Mom and not have much help. Enjoy that baby!

Katie said...

If only more people would stand up for themselves like you have, we might have better employers. (Thanking fate that I have a good one!) Enjoy the time with your new grandbaby and daughter - she may not say it out loud, but I bet she'll be glad to have you there.

---"Love" said...

Good decision! Have a safe trip!
You will cherish your time with your new grandbaby, daughter, and mother for years to come! So will they! ---"Love"

Marsha said...

I think you made the right choice with the job. If they won't stick to the schedule that was agreed upon what else will they change later on. You have to take care of your health first.

Glad to hear you are going to visit your daughter and new grandbaby. Being a new mom can be overwhelming so having your support and love will be great for her. As a grandmother, your job is to dote. They are only little for a short time so enjoy it!

Glad your son is healing eventhough he is still hurting. It will take some time and it's good there was no permanent damage.

Your blocks are very pretty, I love all the different fabrics!

Beth said...

It is getting harder to find decent employers these days. Good for you saying bye. It really makes me mad when job requirements are completely misrepresented when you interview, if the person seeking employement misrepresented their skills there would be all kinds of drama. You are better off finding something better after you visit your daughter and grandson.

I bet your daughter is so excited that Mom is coming to lend a hand and visit and meet that adorable little boy.

a good yarn said...

You have every right to be a doting grandma - that's part of the deal. Enjoy the time you spend with your family. As for work, if they don't care for their employees then it's probably not o good idea to stay with them. Ann :-)