Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Swap Blocks!

I finally got to check the mail today......
These came in from Beth...very pretty blocks and a needle keeper;)  Thank you very much!

I came home from work today, got the hubby ready for his shift, and then passed out on the couch.  I slept like a rock for about 7 hours there.  The job itself is really easy, but my feet are not happy with me.  I will have to go get some shoes with some seriously thick souls on them...I was thinking of those shoes that nurses used to wear. 

I've got the housework caught up.  I'm going to relax and get some sewing in.  Those blocks aren't going to get done by themselves;)

Oh, before I go....I think this guy will show up in the photo here....

It seems that a family of these little hawks have moved into the complex.  It is really neat to hear them talking to each other and see them flying around the tree tops.  The sparrows don't really care for the existence, but then that's nature for ya;)

I'm off to the sewing table;)  Hope everyone has a great weekend;)
Happy Quilting!!


Katie said...

The hawk is very pretty and so are the swap blocks!

I wear running shoes. Not cross-trainers. Not cutie tennis shoes with no arch supports. Real, true running shoes with nice, thick heel cushioning meant to absorb lots of shock. I spend a lot of my work hours standing on concrete floors (covered with ugly, thin tiles) and have found they work well for me.

Enjoy your quilting!

---"Love" said...

What pretty swap blocks! You will have a really pretty quilt top soon!
The tail feathers on that hawk are different from any I've seen around here. Very nice picture! Thanks for sharing. ---"Love"

Marsha said...

Your blocks are so pretty, this quilt will be so fun to see.

Good shoes are really important, get some comfy ones with good support. Hope that helps your feet feel better.

The hawk is great, I love birds of prey, all sizes of them. They are some interesting birds.

Enjoy your sewing time and let us see what you are working on!

a good yarn said...

Try some orthotics or orthotic type shoes. They're not cheap but very good for the feet, back, legs, etc. Beth's blocks are lovely. Nice picture of the hawk. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

Beth said...

love the hawk hiding up in the tree.
Over the years I wore a lot of different shoes, always searching for the ones that would help my feet with long shifts. My Mom got me SAS and they were the best ever. They are pretty pricey but worth it. Other possible shoes to try Merrils. (I didn't waer those when I was still nursing, but they did help when my feet started to hurt really bad recently).