Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilter's Block

Once upon the middle of a night, a quilter sat with needle in hand. 
She wondered, she pondered, she thought and she thought.
Oh what irony....quilter's block.
Oh,no.  What to sew?
A quilt, a hat, possibly...nah.
Or maybe this, but not really that.
The cat skittered and fumbled, under the feet, right by the foot.  Maybe he knows what should be sewn.
Resort, restack, reorganize, review the newest mag on the stack.
Inspiration lurks behind and maybe under.
But, oh, what quilter's block.
Maybe tomorrow after the dishes, after the laundry, after the errands. 
Some color, some pattern, some play in the light.  Maybe someone will call me tonight.
They may tell me there's a new one on the way, or one that may pass away.
I'll put down my needle, and walk away.  
Curl up and call it a day.
Tomorrow, maybe I'll be over the quilter's block.


Liriopia said...

Cute poem. You only need to click on the word comments.


---"Love" said...

A very expressive poem you've written! I love it! Wish I could do that. I'm sure the quilter's block won't last long, and you'll be stitching with a fury again soon, probably today!
I'm so glad you've moved to Blogger; your page looks great! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

Irony, indeed. Such creativity!


---"Love" said...

I've been meaning to tell you that your avatar is so pretty! Is that a dreamcatcher? ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

My avatar is a close up of my eye;) I had to hold real still and try a few times, but I got it;) Then did some work with it in my photo editing program;)

Beth said...

Awesome looking page. I went right over here and clicked to follow!

---"Love" said...

Incredible --- your avatar! ---"Love"

Stash Heaven said...

Found you! Great job on the new site. Wow! I am impressed with the avatar AND the poem... Mary