Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Long Story...Longer;)

This might be a bit longer than my usual entry....been busy, and alot going on;)  But, all good stuff;)

Let's start with the camping trip....
This is what we left to/with...beautiful, and threatening....a perfect summary of New Mexico.

Yep, that's our get-around-mobile, aka Old Faithful. 

On to actual camping....

We tried and we tried....this bait and that, that lure or worm...but the fish just were not biting AT ALL!  We sat at the shoreline for a couple of hours without seeing any activity on the water.  No jumping, nothing.  Even the predator birds weren't fishing.  Oh well, such is the nature of fishing.  What was funny was watching all the other people fishing watching all the other people fishing to see if anybody was getting more action than they were.  Not a bit, anywhere.

Add to that...the campground was full with reservations.  We managed to find a one night only spot the first night, but we were out of luck the following night.  So, with the no action on the fishing scene and the truck packed, we decided to go hunting for another place to call home.

We had to go back to the bottom of the Jemez Valley to find a place. We pulled in, paid the fee, and set up camp.  And yes, those are quilts hanging out to dry in the sun;)  You can't see them very well in the photo, but those are my two favorite utility quilts.  They go with us whenever we hit the open road.  There is a hole in one, and a patch on the other, but they keep us warm when it's cold, and padded when it's rocky.

Then this bad boy started to move in.  And yes, they were really that dark on the bottoms.  It's monsoon season in New Mexico.  Out of all the places in the world you would think of when it comes to the word "monsoon", we would be the last on the list of relation.  Nope, it's a bonified season here in the Land of Enchantment.  Flash floods. Torrential rain. Generally unhealthy conditions unless you are a fast swimming fish.

The hubby and I have a saying...keep the camping a mental secret, and then run for it when mother nature isn't looking.  It seems that whenever we decide to go camping in advance, we get massively weathered on.  This trip was no exception to the prevailing rule. 

We went to bed just before dark as we had been up before daybreak in hopes of catching that ever elusive rainbow trout.  Just about supper time, the rain came.  I mean REALLY came.  So hard was the down pour that we couldn't hear each other unless we spoke right at the other's ear.  The puddles started to form just minutes after the rain started, which sent alarms to my survival brain that this might become a problem if it keeps up.  Down pour faster than saturation can lead to flash floods...and we were camped within 20-30 feet of  the river.  That may sound like alot, but not when it comes to canyons and flash floods.

I went to bed with both ears open to any change in the sound of the river.  I got up and responded to the call of nature about an hour later.  I could hear the river getting more active as the rainfall finally compiled into one massive outlet.  I could also hear water on the other side of the canyon...and that wasn't good.  I went back to the tent and lay awake for a bit longer, tossing and turning with thoughts of how to escape a flash flood in a tent cocoon.  Not happening.

The hubby came to and asked me what was wrong.  I told him an abbreviated version of my thought process and he asked me if I wanted to go home.  I said I didn't want to admit it, but yes.  He then informed me that what had awakened him was water dripping on his forehead like Chinese water torture.  Yes, the tent was leaking at the seams.

Long ego-abating conversation and 30 minutes later, we had camp broken down and strapped into the bed of the truck, two soaked campers and smelly wet dog in the cab....headed home. 

It's only been a few rare occasions that we have abandoned camp in the middle of the night.  You would think with two die-hard campers that such behavior would be unheard of, but when your intuition knocks you in the forehead, you tend to listen. 

The first time we got a knock at the door from Ms. Intuition was when we were camping out in Joshua Tree National Monument in California.  After a rough evening of weather, the tent laid down across the hubby's face due to the wind.  It was the same scenario...tossing and turning, not being able to sleep...something going off in the head to call it done and go home.  He laid there and asked me if I wanted to go home.  I said I didn't want to be the one to make the decision.  He said....'nough said...let's go.  We got up, packed up camp, and threw the tent in the trash.

The day after we got home we heard on the news that a foot of water rolled through the campground later that night and that a whole group of campers had been killed in a flash flood.

The next example was on our trip to Montana.  We had pulled in to Moab, Utah after working a twelve hour shift and then driving all day.  We normally call it a night after a cocktail or two.  Not this time.  For some reason, even though we were in micro-brew country, we opted for a simple dinner at a local diner, iced tea and coffee for beverages. 

We retired rather early, 9pm from my memory. 

We were brought to life by the riot horn of the local trooper.  Um, I don't think we caused any mayhem before we went to bed.  Honey, see what that is about.

We stuck our heads out of the tent and were greeted by the announcement through the bullhorn that the valley was on fire and that all the campground was being evacuated.  Apparently this was the second time they attempted to rouse us.  We were tired. 

We managed to escape unharmed, safe and sound to tell of the adventure.

Long story short....lesson of the hour....listen to your inner could save your life.

14 hours later, here I am....several loads of wet, smelly laundry later, tent hanging on the balcony and sleeping bags on the doors...alive to tell about it.

Then, day to day life sets in......

I woke up to a text from my daughter telling me that she is 3cm dialated and that labor will be induced, if she hasn't already started on her own, on Monday around 6am.  Yep, I will be a grandmother in about 96 hours.  Yes, that's me counting.  I wish I could be there, but for some reason the universe has decided that it will be otherwise.

I know that this is not the first time in history that a daughter has given birth, but it must be the innate being of motherhood that makes me want to be there.

But, when you can't have what you want, make due with what you can.....

.....I went shopping;)
I was initially just out to get some work clothes.  I got to the checkout spot and the cashier told me that all clothing was 50% off.  Out to the truck to deposit the initial purchase, and then back in to see what else was there.  This batch of baby clothes cost us $6.85!  That's Baby Gap, Carter, and a couple of other brand names.  The onesie's were so new that they still had the original packaging tape stuck them.  The hubby picked out the cargo shorts, red striped camp shirt and the blue windbreaker;)  We had so much fun looking for baby clothes it was almost scary;)

The hubby and I always joke about how if we could we would have about 8 little Young'en's by now;)

And then the boy calls....he landed his first job!!  He sounded so proud of himself;)  It was good to hear that after how hard he had been looking and how frustrated he had been.  It's just your average teenage fast-food job, but it's a job nonetheless.  I am happy for him;)

And then there came the mailbox....

From Theri....what  pretties!!!  I love them!!  And the Texas marking is great!!!!

From Liri.....YUM!!  Chocolate, fabric and buttons!!  Too cool!!!  Sorry to say, but the little cherub box arrived split in two, separating the hearts down the middle!!

the hand embroidery soothed the tormented soul.  Gorgeous piece!!!  Thank you very much!!

And, yet, another surprise.....

yes, Ms. Katie tossed out another much appreciated surprise....a replacement batch of the ever bleeding red fabric for my mom's quilt!!!!!!!!  I WILL WASH IT THIS TIME!!  Probably twice just to make sure.  I wondered why she questioned my calling for a mauve or pink fabric for replacement in a previous blog;)  Thank you, Katie, it is exactly the same as the one that got tossed;)  Look for a thank you in the mail soon;)

Anyway, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading this far;)  I am going to go relax and watch a movie with the hubby;)  Happy Quilting, and, to all, some crafty time;)


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

That was quite a tale! Too bad you had to leave your camping site because of the rain. Love the baby clothes. Will be waiting for the official announcement! Being a grandma is great. DH's mottos is: "Spoil them and give them back." Hee Hee! Your blocks are lovely too. Do you use the color catcher things when you wash quilts for the first time (if you didn't wash the fabric before making it)? They have worked well for me. I usually wash fabric before making the quilt and always use color catcher. If I'm using pre-cuts, like charm squares, I don't wash it before sewing and then I wash it when it's finished with color catcher.

Liriopia said...

Love your camping stories. We used to camp like that when we were much younger. I learned a long time ago to trust my gut. You know you can apply that across the board, right? Congrats on becoming a grandma again and to your son for his new job, also. So sorry to hear the trinket box was broken. I have been sending little thingies like that since the beginning and yours is the first that suffered damage. Would you like me to replace it? I have some others and would be glad to send you another.


Katie said...

And I thought camping in the Floriday Keys as a kid with my parents was a crazy experience. (Tent stakes are no match for coral, so the tent was only loosely grounded and then the hurricane-like winds (I'm sure that was an exaggeration) hit...we made it through the night but I'm willing to bet that it was only because there were three kids to pack up in addition to everything else that made my parents stay. We headed for more earthy ground the next night!) And it's good that experiences like this don't chase you off...many people would declare themselves DONE with camping after something like just one of the trips you've been through.

Congrats to your son on his first job. Soon-to-be congrats on becoming a grandma. And you're very welcome for the fabric. I bought the end of the bolt... :)

Beth said...

I have only camped a couple of times, with scouts and on a portaging trip up in the boundry waters. (What was I thinking???)Anyway, we had a big storm the first night out, I sure wish we had been near the car so we could have packed up and left. LOL We survived but I learned that I am not a wilderness gal.

Can't wait to hear about the arrival of the baby. Love the little outfits you found.

Nice goodies i the mail.

Marsha said...

We had been watching the weather forcasts and when you said you were going camping I really hoped you would find nice weather. Glad everything worked out safe for you anyway. I was hoping for a motorcycle ride through the Jemez with a stop for lunch at the Los Ojos for a burger for my birthday this weekend but it's not gonna happen. We might try for a fishing trip later in the week, depending on the weather.

Glad to hear your grandson is almost here. Hope all goes well for your daughter, easy labol and a healthy little boy. The clothes you picked out are sooooooo cute! And also glad to hear your son landed his first job. It's great experience working and getting a paycheck, makes them want to work harder and make more.

All your goodies are wonderful and Katie is so thoughtful finding the red fabric. Now you can finish your moms quilt!

---"Love" said...

What gorgeous pictures of your area! Thanks for sharing, particularly that first one with a portion of a rainbow. Sounds like you have the weather figured out there, along with its devastation sometimes. Better to be safe than sorry!
Thanks for the newsy post; keep us informed when that little one gets here. ---"Love"

Christine said...

Congrats on the baby!!!! I hope everything went well with the delivery. The clothing you bought is adorable! The camping trip scenery is stunning. Its always nice to get away. I can't wait to hear about the baby :) Christine